Pat Casey – Medfield Foundation Volunteer of the Year

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MFi Salutes Pat Casey – Volunteer of the Year!

Medfield Foundation, Inc. is proud to announce this year’s winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award – Pat Casey.  Through the nomination provided by colleagues Jack Wolfe, Martha Festa and Joanna Hilvert, it is clear that Pat exemplifies the qualities MFi looks for:  a dedicated volunteer who is driven to provide a meaningful impact in the town of Medfield.

“Pat brings a unique balance of capability and character to all he does,” say his nominators.  In working with Pat on the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee (MSH MPC), they observed that Pat’s “analytical skills are superb, and they form the foundation for his judgements.  Pat’s work ethic, considering the massive work load for all on the MSH MPC, is equally superb.”  Given that Pat’s full-time job takes up a substantial amount of his time, his commitment to donating a vast number of  hours of professional expertise over a 4 year span to the MSH committee as a volunteer demonstrates just how devoted he is to the improvement of our town.  ”Pat always listens and works to understand and consider everyone’s viewpoint. He is an exceptionally good and careful listener; there is no question of his attention when in conversation with him. And amid sometimes challenging dynamics, Pat was always a conciliator and collaborator.”  In the word of his nominators, “Pat Casey is simply a terrific asset to Medfield.”

Pat had tough competition this year, and we would like to thank the other Volunteer of the Year nominees.  Dick Judge, Michele Feinsilver Hoye, Liz Sandeman and Michelle Barrette we sincerely thank you for your dedication and volunteer spirit focused on improving our town!

Please join us on March 31, from 3pm to 5pm at the Center in Medfield to honor all of this year’s very special Volunteers!




The Medfield Foundation Volunteer Awards are made possible by the sponsorship of Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace 

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