BoS 1/8

20190108-agenda & materials

TOWN OF MEDFIELD POSTED: MEETING NOTICE Ltil9 JAN -Li P 12: 54 POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTER 39 Sff~lq{_,~2bf ~MENDED. TCJW~l CLERK Board of Selectmen Board or Committee PLACE OF MEETING DAY, DATE, AND TIME Town Hall, Chenery Meeting Room 2°d floor Tuesday January 8, 2019@ 7:00 PM 7:00 PM Call to order Disclosure of video recording AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Appointments 7:00 PM Public Hearing I Eversource Electric Company petition to install one new utility pole at 71 North Street 7:30 PM Dr. Jeffrey Marsden, MSBA Feasibility Study Agreement Citizen Comment Action Items Jean Mineo requests the Selectmen vote to authorize Chairman to sign updated letter addressed to the MASS Historical Commi~sion in regard to the Chapel and Infirmary Building Letters of resignation received from Conservation Commission members Ralph Parmigiane and Phil .Burr Vote to authorize Chairman to sign new building official certification form for Gary Pelletier, Building Commissioner Request to appoint Nate Bazinet to the Safety Committee Pending Town Wide Master Planning Committee Charter and appointment of members Town Administrator Update Review Board of Selectmen Action List Selectmen Report ~ ! Informational Fire Department has been awarded $6,754.00 grant for Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) Copy of DHCD letter regarding The Rose bay at Medfield - Project Eligibility Invitation: Climate Community Resilience Building Workshop on January 31, 2019 a·t Medfield High School Informational letter from DEP regarding Snow Disposal Guidance From Conservation Commission copy of Determination of Applicability Letter from Geological Field Services, Inc. regarding status of soil and groundwater at Anton's, 527 Main Street From Ml IA- list of nominees for election at the Annual Meeting on January 19, 2019 Information from Pension Reserves Investment Management Board Information regarding decreasing speed limits - 1'----• c: c:.:~ =~~20190108-agenda_page_2

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