BoS minutes for 1/16

These were my suggested corrections to the minutes below:

  • Civil Service allows you to choose between the top three candidates, asking that Officer Colby Roy be appointed
  • The COA is willing to have the access through their property..
  • If it is an advisory or study committee then the product should be a report to the BOS.
  • Dick Scullary




Board of Selectmen

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Chenery Hall


Present: Osler Peterson, Michael Marcucci, Gus Murby, Michael Sullivan, Mark Cerel, Kristine Trierweiler


Meeting was called to order by Chairman Peterson at 7:00PM and the following announcements made:

  • Disclosure of Video Recording
  • We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world.
  • Representative Denise Garlick will hold a “Report to the Community” on Thursday, January 25, 2018 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Public Safety Building.
  • Norfolk County Registry of Deeds will hold office hours on Thursday, February 8, 2018 10AM to 12PM at the Town House
  • Site visit with DHCD for 71 North Street on 1/17 has been postponed to 1/23 at 2:00 PM.





7:00 PM          Olivia Price and Sophia Slesar (Blake Middle School, 8th Grade), Proposal for the Kids PMC Ride, June 2018


Olivia and Sophia are members of the Anti-Defamation League and the Blake Community Service Club. The PMC is close to Olivia’s heart, as her dad has been riding them for 10 years. The kids PMC started in Medfield. Similar to previous years, high and middle school, ride around the campus, there will be a tot lot in the teacher parking lot.

They are shooting for June 9, 2018 and there no conflicts anticipated at this time. They will talk to MEMO about sponsorship. They hope to get kids involved at a young age and spreading cancer awareness. It’s also a good way to kick off to the summer.


Chairman Peterson thanked them for the presentation and commended them on quality of the presentation. Selectman Murby asked how far the kids ride. Olivia and Sophia responded that it is not really a race just riding around the Middle School and High School. Ms. Trierweiler noted that Chief Meaney approved the project.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to support the project as well as the usual signage, second by Gus Murby and the vote was unanimous.


7:10 PM          Deputy Chief John Wilhelmi, Request for Sergeants Promotion


Chief Meaney is at another meeting, so Deputy Chief John Wilhelmi is presenting and asking for an officer promotion. The promotional exam was held in October which consisted of a written test and a grueling assessment center. Five officers took the test. He is looking for a replacement for Sergeant that retired last year. Filling this position allows them to put a sergeant back on midnight shift. Civil Service allows you to choose between the top three candidates, asking that Officer Colby Roy. He is a Medfield High School graduate, holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Roger Williams University; he is a certified firearms instructor, a member of the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council. Deputy Chief is seeking approval of his promotion as Officer Roy has a good work ethic and sound judgement. Chief and Deputy Chief both endorse the number one candidate.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to appoint Colby Roy as Sergeant effective immediately, second by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


Citizen Comment None


Request from Sarah Raposa, Town Planner, to sign the 2018 Planning Grant Contract for $32,500

Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Trierweiler noted that the Board voted to approve the contract at their last meeting. Selectman Murby would like to see the scope of the project as there was a post-it on the scan that was sent. The 40R language was removed and is focused on the planning work. Selectman Murby would like to see paperwork going forward but won’t hold up and voted to support.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to approve. The motion was seconded by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


Request from Megan Sullivan Transfer Station and Recycling Committee to appoint Rick Fink and Andrea Costello to the committee.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to appoint Rick Fink and Andrea Costello to the Recycling Committee. The motion was seconded by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


Discussion of Board of Selectmen 2018 ATM Warrant Articles

Mr. Sullivan distributed a draft copy of the updated draft of the 2018 ATM Warrant Articles

Changes from last week:


Article 18: Incorporated the changes regarding MSH that were made by Selectman Murby. He removed the references to master planning; this point of this article is to move forward with the development.


Article 19: No change made


Jean Mineo clarified that this is for schematic designs for the MSH Chapel. The maximum that the State will allocate is $50,000 but they don’t generally fund that full amount. They plan to ask the Town Meeting for match funding and will pursue private funding. Selectman Murby asked if MSHMPC is of the mind that the cultural center should be located at the Chapel. Ms. Mineo and Gil Rodgers responded yes.

Selectman Marcucci asked if this requires matching funds. Ms. Mineo said that the town has two years to raise the match to get the state funding. He reviewed the possibilities for getting the funding versus it not passing at town meeting. He also asked if the master plan doesn’t pass is this grant still useful? Ms. Mineo said yes, we can continue even if the STM doesn’t move forward. This is at least a year long process. Selectman Marcucci asked how flexible is it to use the funds? Ms. Mineo said it must be used for the cultural center, so there is no flexibility.


Attorney Cerel indicated the there is no specific reference in the warrant language. Mr. Sullivan and Selectman Murby asked about the timeline and using the funds and concluded that the use is not authorized until the $75,000 is raised for the schematics. John Harney stated that here is nothing in the language to the specificity of the proposal. The Board noted that the grant is specific to the Chapel and the Infirmary. They could possibly specify by using the building numbers. Selectman Marcucci suggested making it specific.


Bill Massaro stated that if hospital plans don’t go through, the consultant said that the cultural center adds value to the property and that it will bring a benefit. Mr. Sullivan responded that the town will have to provide utilities and infrastructure.


The Board paused their review of the 2018 ATM Warrant Articles to take the 7:30 agenda item.


7:30 PM          Matthew Borelli, Needham Investment, Inc. Request to sign Completed LIP Application for 80 North Meadows Road



Matthew Borelli, Needham Investment, Inc., was here in January for approval, and received favorable feedback from the Board. He has the completed application for their review and signature. There was some discussion about adding a play area which they have done. They hired consultant and added two 3-bedroom units (one will be affordable), instead of seeking a waiver. They met with the Fire Dept. and made some changes to the rear wall. He has also met with the Planning Board, DPW and discussed snow removal and some other changes. They will need a signature on the application and letters of support from the Affordable Housing Committee and the Board of Selectmen.


Selectman Marcucci has no questions. Mr. Sullivan asked if the exterior design was finalized. Mr. Borrelli confirmed that it was.  The marketing plan, pro forma and appraisal were submitted.


Chairman Peterson said that some neighbors have not heard about the project. Selectman Marcucci stated that notices were sent to all abutters within 300 feet. Selectman Marcucci advised that they could read Pete’s blog for additional information. Ms. Trierweiler will draft a letter of support.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion for Chairman Peterson to sign the LIP Application. The motion was seconded by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


The Board resumed their review of the 2018 ATM Warrant Articles.

Article 20: Selectman Marcucci met with Courtney and Roberta regarding the Hinkley property articles for the Town Meeting and a resolution of an article that would pass legal muster. They have come up with a legal way to do it which will be okay with the Senior Housing Study Committee recommendations. The consultants believe that deed restrictions on the houses won’t fly so it has to be done on the design of the units to keep the prices where we want them. It will be done through a senior housing zoning overlay district. Courtney will draft the articles and will touch base Kathy McCabe. It can fit with the 40R or the MSH overlay district. Design is the only way to keep the affordability, make the units and lots small enough to keep the prices down over time. Courtney and Mark felt that the public purpose standard is an issue.


Selectman Murby clarified that we would be selling units and land at fair market price but they’d be small enough that the price is reasonable. He also clarified that the units would not contribute to the SHI. Selectman Marcucci said the floor plans and layouts that are pitched towards seniors maybe some would be bigger to get high fair market prices.


Chairman Peterson asked if rentals would be better. Selectman Marcucci said it is still public purpose for the rental issue in that you are suppressing market rate value.


Mr. Sullivan asked about resales and noted that Allendale affordable units went up $100,000 in value and then they sell, so he is concerned about no restriction as it could defeat the purpose of affordable senior housing. Selectman Marcucci agreed that this is a risk.


Selectman Murby asked if the zoning will prevent future teardowns and larger homes being built. Selectman Marcucci said the zoning would prohibit that.


Selectman Murby does not want the overly to require high density on the northern part of the Hinkley Property. Mr. Massaro gave approximate lot lines to the Mark Cerel to look at for the property and asked Steve Nolan and get the property described. Selectman Marcucci even in the over lay district the house size is limited. Selectman Murby is concerned about a possible apartment complex in area where we’re not planning on developing.


The Board discussed the entrances from the north and the south. The COA is willing to have the access through the property. Selectman Murby asked if the lot for COA is used by Center and now using a portion of that lot for this project, can you take a piece of property like the COA and now use it with a different property?  Mr. Cerel is not sure if there was a formal process. From a zoning and title standpoint we need to clarify the parcel. Mr. Sullivan asked about the approved industrial subdivision, will the subdivision plan have to be amended? Selectman Marcucci said that COG will be drafting a zoning and a disposition article.


Selectman Murby said that we need to make sure that the units stay for their intended purpose so people in the future don’t circumvent this process.


Mr. Massaro asked about Lot 3. The Board will discuss that after. They discussed the MSHMPC plan for Hinkley which included 25% affordable units and 42 rentals on Lot 3.


John Harney asked about the number of units? Selectman Marcucci responded 16-20 on Hinkley.

Mr. Harney asked about the Town’s purpose in doing this? Selectman Marcucci responded to give the town meeting the opportunity if they want to do this. The MSHMPC proposed the project to address senior housing.


Article 21: Mr. Cerel says portions some of the Citizen Petitions are illegal but they still go to a vote. There will be an assessment of legality, we can’t rule them out, but the petitioners can withdraw, or no there may be no positive motion.


Selectman Murby said those articles that transfer the ownership to the Senior Housing Study Committee, how can the COA be responsible for this project? Town meeting can only authorize to take action, not compelled to take action.


Article 26: Downtown Article. There was a suggestion made that some of the projects worthy of funding by the meals tax are outside of the Downtown, so this article should be expanded anywhere in town.


Selectman Murby said the wording of improving the economic improvement and promotion of business and economic activity. Once it is moved out of the downtown but it is to promote economic development or economic attractiveness or economic vitality of the Town, i.e. the garden club at the entrances were approved out of this fund, and Dwight Derby.


Article 27: Rail Trail. Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Trierweiler spoke to Christian Donner and he thought they had been dissolved, but the committee does exist. He will meet with the committee to see if they can develop wording for this article.


Selectman Murby asked why are we keeping this Committee around if it’s done. He admires the work they have done on this project but it goes beyond study to advocacy. The Committee is pushing a particular position.


Selectman Marcucci said we need better charters. He discussed closing the warrant on January 30th and petitioned articles. If it is an advisory or study committee then the product should be the BOS. Selectman Murby said that there are 104 boards/committees. Selectman Marcucci has a proposal for revamping the Committee proposal, every committee has to submit annual updates, July 1st to June 30th all reported back in writing.


Article 28: Chief Meaney expressed concern about the intersection of West Street and Route 27. There are no funding grants at this time. Mo Goulet wrote a letter to Rep. Garlick to try and do some improvements. The Chief and Mo are going over the changes they would like to see at the intersection. Striping, dedicated turning lanes left –turn arrows, and crosswalks are ideas. Chairman Peterson talked to Sen. Feeney and he was asking for projects to help us with. He told him that the bridges and the intersection are priorities. Sen. Feeney offered to come for a formal introduction at a meeting in February.


Article 29: Town’s share of the Hazard Mitigation Planning cost.


Article 30: Waiting on wording from John Thompson. Mr. Cerel will connect with John. Discussion on enforcing and hearing bodies.


Article 31: Solar Facility Discussion. Mr. Sullivan needs to speak with Jerry McCarty about the entire garage roof or a portion of it. He might need about $200,000 more. This article may be pulled.


Article 32: “May periodically”


Article 33: Sidewalk easement on Metacomet Street


Article 34: Relocation of a property easement (water)


Article 35: Recycling Committee will vote to put the article on at their next meeting. She would like to see it petitioned by the Scouts, but they can’t do it unless they are 18.  There are 30 recycling containers that need to be emptied and cleaned (Big Belly Solar). Who is responsible for doing this?


Article 36: Citizen petition for street lights is not yet received.


Article 37: Routine article for sewer betterments


Article 43: Permanent Planning and Building Committee bylaw mission statement. Waiting for final draft from Mike Quinlan.


Article 44/45: Two zoning changes: flexibility for landscaping requirements and special permit criteria for multi-family developments.


Article 46: voted at the last meeting to put CPA on the Warrant.


Selectman Murby asked who from the public brought this up? Town Counsel brought it up. Dan Bibel was Chairman of the Committee and he held the article to educate the public and tie in with the state election. The BOS voted to put it on the warrant 2-1 at the last meeting. He is not sold on the merits. He said that that nobody has said they want it, it is a unilateral action. Mr. Cerel said that a positive motion would also need to set a percentage, waivers, etc., all have to be done in the motion.


Ms. Trierweiler said that Abby Marble sent an email asking that the charter commission be enacted and to have an appointed town clerk. A charter review commission would need to be elected. Mr. Cerel reviewed his memo. Discussion of rationale of why you may want a five-member committee. BOS will look into the process with Mark Cerel.



Veterans Service Officer

There is an agreement with Walpole that both Town Counsels have reviewed which was before the Board for approvals and signatures. Once signed by Medfield it will be sent to Walpole for their actions. Benefits are divided 2/3 and 1/3 split for salary and benefits. Medfield will be billed monthly on the vendor warrant to the Town of Walpole. We will receive day a week with Veterans Service Office and more if needed. Folks can also go so the VSO in Walpole. His name is John Cogan and he and Ron Griffins used to cover for each other. Ron Griffin recommends as well.


Board members asked about additional funding requirements such as stamps, flags, foot markers, etc. The VSO will be operations vs salary. The monthly invoices will be taken out of the operations budget. Selectman Murby said that it sounds like we want to check with the Legion and see if they want to do the Memorial Day Planning, and the VSO is very active with the Memorial Day Committee and he is willing to work with them.


Selectman Peterson would like to see Veterans Breakfast come back to Town.  Selectman Murby said that maybe members of the Legion would like to do some of the things that Ron did that are not officially part of the job. The Board would like Frank Iafolla to remain the flag agent.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to approve and sign the Veterans Services Agreement with the Town of Walpole. The motion was seconded by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


Discussion of Lot 3/Hinkley Property


Chairman Peterson recused himself from the discussion and left the table.


Selectman Marcucci noted the memo from Steve Nolan re: 42 units at Lot 3. Mr. Sullivan submitted memo from about the Kingsbury Club and taxes. Selectman Marcucci think we need an RFP for each use (residential vs. commercial). Evaluation criteria would be based on financial impact and ancillary benefits to the Town; can be reviewed for both.


Selectman Murby felt that you can’t look at Lot 3 in a vacuum; there is no reason why you can’t put the housing at the MSH and commercial at Lot 3. Timing on MSH is unknown. He said that we are putting in more housing than the town wants. There is no pressing need for housing on Lot 3. He’s not looking for the Forekicks but perhaps a smaller facility can be looked at for this site. He is concerned there is so little commercial in Medfield, people have wanted to develop Lot 3, there is now a plan for housing instead, and we don’t even know the MSH uses yet. This type of housing is why we bought the MSH. He’s afraid this will leave the MSH empty.


Selectman Marcucci feels that we should find out what the market says about the value of this property; if purely economic and the best benefit to the town. The Board discussed artificially inflating the market and noted other undeveloped properties in Medfield and noted the strong housing market in Medfield.


Selectman Murby discussed the 2014 ATM warrant article and proposed doing both; athletic complex and housing to supplement Lot 3, in another location, such as south of Hospital Road. If housing on Lot 3, then you can put the sports complex on the other site. This would be for a commercial site not the Park and Rec facility. This is a consistent position on Lot 3.


Selectman Marcucci suggests moving on, a decision will be made for the MSH, we don’t know what/when that will be. Lot 3 needs to happen now and not be tied to the MSH disposition process. It has sat for 22 years, one viable use with zoning, two concepts (sports complex or housing) and might even get another proposal that surprises us.


Selectman Murby asked why drive-up the housing needs in town when we don’t need it? Selectman Marcucci said implements the Housing Production Plan and it moves us closer to the 10% goal. Selectman Murby said, but you squander the MSH campus.


Mr. Massaro said you didn’t buy it for housing; we bought it for control with multiple potential uses. He said that Mr. Murby’s notes differ from his. The number of rentals is driven at the MSH by what a developer needs to do to make the property work, not Town safe harbor. Regarding the dual purpose RFP, if MSH doesn’t happen can you meet your safe harbor targets until 2021. If you can, then let it go, but not sure you can make it safe harbors.


Selectman Marcucci summarized the SHI tracking and projection spreadsheet. Right now most of the projects that are approved or in the range are within ½ mile of each other. It’s the best we can do but that we should diversify all over town. McCabe says that Lot 3 with 42 units is tax flow positive. The AHT doesn’t count the MSH at all, it’s too great an unknown and we can’t control the timing. There is no master plan, no approved zoning changes, no town meeting vote, and no market predictions.


Selectman Murby except for arts and culture center we have no plan for what will happen up there. There is 3 years gone now and he wants to put pressure on the Town to start making a plan for development.


Selectman Marcucci asked why Lot 3 an adjunct victim of the slow process? Selectman Murby said if we want to drive taxes down then we need to diversify tax base and we have a business in Town looking to expand and can pay taxes on the property. Selectman Marcucci said maybe the Lot 3 RFP is deferred until May when we know more about the MSH.


Selectman Murby wishes to proceed now with an RFP for a commercial development; we don’t know what we will get, we know there is interest, will we go out to the RFP or with a facility that looks like what the Town would like to see. Selectman Marcucci said the RFP should say to build something with current zoning or a LIP. They debated the benefit of housing. Selectman Marcucci suggested housing is 15% more beneficial and Selectman Murby countered that housing would have to be 50% more than commercial development.


Mr. Massaro said he specifically asked at the AHT meeting, I asked several times for the timing of the Tilden Village expansion and they did not make me feel comfortable. Five years is not okay. What isn’t clear to the resource members is what happened to an incremental sale; not rental housing as it was thought more of single family/ condos, etc. That would be initial piece of property sold. When do you actually get into selling and building these rental units, all have affordable and historic tax credits associated with them; and infrastructure. He doesn’t see anything happening at the MSH beyond the front part of the property 2021.


Selectman Murby said that all the advice he’s been getting is for a master developer for the site.


Mr. Massaro said that if you are going to sell the town on a $500 million project you will have objections at Town Meeting. There are issues such as control of the property and 40R. None of this is within a reasonable time frame.


John Harney asked if there is a Park and Rec warrant article. Doesn’t this come into play in this dialogue? They are committed to having their own facility.


Selectman Murby said they dropped the piece for an indoor turf field. The land for the Parks and Rec facility or a commercial facility is not clearly designated? Mr. Harney said that Parks and Rec is clear where they want it, they aren’t happy about Kingsbury. Selectman Murby said that he thinks they heard us loud and clear that a private facility piece should be out of the public Parks and Rec Plan. Mr. Harney doesn’t think town meeting will have your plan, they want a sense of community, if we wanted 440 units we would have gone with the MSH project. Selectman Murby said that the MSHMPC has a plan which is concept that has 392 units, he is making the argument that 42 of them don’t need to be on Lot 3. Mr. Harney said that 3 years empty on this planning and sorrowful, and he has asked alternatives for this development.

Selectman Murby said to give the committee a chance to present this plan. We thought demo/ remediation was $12-15 million if this plan is more than that; why would we pay more than that?


Selectman Marcucci asked Selectman Murby if he would accept that if the 42 units will beat the commercial by 50%. Yes. Would he accept the McCabe construct? No, not yet. Town benefits vs. tax benefit.


Selectman Murby asked about marketing senior housing to the region and asked about evaluating 40B. Selectman Marcucci responded that 40B is a regional goal; benefits are diversification of the tax base, less demand on town service at 55+, any concept that generates net tax benefit, and, from AHT standpoint, diversity the geographic housing locations.


Selectman Murby asked how the RFP works and the timing? He wants to do it now. He suggests pulling it from MSHMPC and issue the RFP now. He is going to write it, what does it look like? The board discussed the parameters of what they are looking for to be in the RFP. The board reviewed Steve Nolan’s memo. Discussion about the LIP process and 40R. They discussed the prior RFI process.


Selectman Murby noted that Lot 3 is a 10-acre lot and only 3 or 4 acres are buildable, because of a man-made retention basin that could be moved; what can we responsibly do at the site in an environmental responsive way.


Deb Bero lives adjacent to Lot 3 so she is speaking as a citizen not as a member of the Conservation Commission. She suggested speaking with the conservation agent as the man-made basin is actually a natural wetlands; plus the riverfront and vernal pool and you have less area than you think. Those resources need to be protected. Selectman Murby is not trying to push the limits of those areas. He was told it was movable basin. He is concerned that we bought land in 1995, and now we can’t do anything with it.  Deb Bero suggested that the Board  should be attentive to this environmental issue. She noted that Selectman Murby has used interchangeably, indoor and sports club, Kingsbury club. If Kingsbury RFP, would you make sure that Kingsbury doesn’t sublet that to another commercial facility. Selectman Murby noted the restriction that they can’t sublease. He has talked to the Kingsbury Club and they said that they will either sublease or develop it themselves.


Ms. Bero said that this should be an RFP process and not an individual selectmen negotiating on behalf of the BOS. This is a concern because he comes across as a proponent. Selectman Murby made it clear that he is not a proponent and that he only wants to see a diversification of the tax base; he is neutral on how it gets done.


Ms. Bero referred to the assessments on how the Board would move forward primarily about financial impact and nothing about impact on the neighborhood and the people on West Mill Street. She urged for them do some planning for yourselves and do a traffic plan. She said that Sam White has more vehicles, Leuders is now on West Mill with their trucks, plus the trailer business expanded. There is more traffic. When you talk about the money and the impacts of the proposal also talk about the people that live there. She can’t get out of Copperwood Road in the morning because traffic is backed up. There are significant increases and changes in traffic patterns that you factor into this analysis. This is just dollars. They discussed traffic impacts of MSH and Chapel Hill Estates. She noted that the neighborhood is thoughtful and are not screaming and objecting to everything but please keep thinking about this, they have talked publically about this for years.


They discussed issuing a single RFP with specific criteria. They discussed whether, Kathy, Mark or Sarah can do the RFP. To be discussed: criteria, details. Staff will start drafting the RFP.


Mr. Massaro asked about building in the wetlands. Mr. Sullivan noted that another restriction of Lot 3 is that it there a perennial stream and buffers to residential abutters. Selectman Murby would like to have a full picture of the lot with accurate acreage. Ms. Bero said to please start with conservation agent regarding the date of the unmaintained basin. Selectman Marcucci said to ask the MSHMPC why they want to keep Lot 3. They will be at the BOS meeting on January 30th and can talk more about it then.


Town Administrator Evaluation Process

Mr. Sullivan submitted all goals and self-evaluation (for FY2017 and FY2019).


Town Wide Goals Distribution

Selectman Murby and Ms. Trierweiler will make a recommendation. One issue is figuring out how to distribute them (multiple channels) and feedback in one spot. It can be done through the Town website.


Annual Appointments

Ms. Trierweiler is waiting to hear from the Board of Health


Senior Housing Survey

Selectman Murby updated the Board of the work that Dick Scolari, Barbara Gips and Jack Wolfe are doing. He outlined the goals and objectives of the survey (type, location, demand, purchase vs. rental, and demographics of respondents), costs of data collating, and sending out the surveys, appropriate to pay them for doing the survey. If we are going to pay them then we have to consider other options. Out of pocket costs will be covered. They discussed doing a full survey vs research sampling.


Licenses and Permits (Consent Agenda)

Request from Roberta Lynch, COA Director, to serve wine and beer at the following monthly Supper Club events from 4PM to 7PM on 1/17, 2/21, 3/14, 4/18, 5/16


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to approve as on the consent agenda for COA. The motion was seconded by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


Request from Margo Hayes, MPS Teacher to hold a 5K road race for her Boston Marathon Fundraiser for Dana Farber


Selectman Murby held the 5K Road Race; this is for a runner for the Boston Marathon. We have plenty of people in town that might want to hold 5K races each year; would it be better to run a race like this, on the HS cross-country course to minimize disruption to neighborhoods and traffic.


VOTE: Selectman Marcucci made a motion to approve this request but each future request will have to be considered individually. The motion was seconded by Selectman Murby and the vote was unanimous.


Town Administrator Update

Storm meeting update.


Insurance Advisory Committee had a meeting on the high deductible plan. Peter Moran and Ted Nugent will meet with MIAA representatives and Blue Cross soon. There is interest in the plan this year amongst younger teachers.


BOS Reports

Selectman Marcucci said that at the last AHT meeting John Kelly presented the revised proposal for Dale Street and the Trust and Board need to discuss the process. There is one more meeting for the AHT and a recommendation will be made. There is no urgency for the project, doesn’t have to happen, we have all done enough work to decide if endorsed as a LIP.


Next AHT meeting is Saturday, January 27th and the goal is to review process, procedures and planning meeting.


The Legion will be on the AHT agenda on 2/6 and also a joint meeting with AHT and BOS to deal with Kelly’s proposal. Selectman Peterson thinks 36 units seems high. The BOS should not give him bonus density but create a reasonable profit. Can someone review that? The neighbors seem very accepting of Mr. Kelly at this point. Is it Mary Sullivan who is still concerned about the number? Perhaps COG can review. Selectman Murby asked if MRAH took a position.


Selectman Murby reported that the COA 10 year anniversary event was great; they are doing something great there. Selectman Peterson said that this is our human services department.


Selectman Murby and Selectman Peterson attended the Eagle Scout Court of Honor which was great. Selectman Marcucci was sorry to miss it.


Selectman Peterson reported his busy office hours, MSH meeting, COA, Medfield Foundation meeting, AHT, and Energy Committee met.



  • Letter from Sovereign Consulting, Groundwater sampling at Texaco
  • Update of Unemployment Trust Fund
    • Mr. Sullivan sent the Unemployment Trust Fund. $43,000 was appropriated in the operating budget and this year we already spent $27,000. The list has no names to protect privacy. Some are teachers are contracts not renewed, some are School Dept. and don’t work summers and without a contract, cafeteria worker, sub, etc. they are eligible for unemployment during the summer. We chose actual cost with the state.
  • Letter from Tri-County, Renovation and MSBA
  • Letter to Denise Garlick from Moe Goulet, DPW Director: West/Route 27 Improvements



Meeting adjourned at 10:25.


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