BoS 11/21/17

One more set of minutes came today.



Board of Selectmen

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Chenery Hall



Present: Osler Peterson, Michael Marcucci, Gus Murby, Michael Sullivan, Mark Cerel, Kristine Trierweiler


Selectmen Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00PM and disclosed the meeting is being video recorded.


Selectmen announced a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world.




7:05     Holiday Stroll Road Closures

Chief Meaney has had numerous discussions with the stakeholders from MEMO as well as the businesses regarding closing Route 109 for the Holiday Stroll due to safety concerns. Chief Meaney proposed creating a safety zone with blockades/jersey barriers to double the size of the sidewalk and create a true barrier between pedestrians and traffic. Arts Council agrees to move the ice sculpture to the library to limit crossing Route 109. Additional lighting will be brought in for the railroad track area, and Eversource will be notified of any lights that need to be replaced along Route 109.


Selectmen discussed adding additional police to assist in anyone crossing Route 109. Jennifer Sleaser, owner of the Noon Hill Grill, thanked the Selectmen and the Police Chief for working to not close Route 109 completely for the evening. It is one of their busiest evenings of the year.



7:15     Medfield State Hospital Building and Grounds Committee


John Thompson, Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee. Mr. Thompson provided a quick update of the work done by 20th Century Fox. Mr. Thompson is still repairing things that were left behind. Volunteers have been working on brush pick up; heavy wind storms caused some tree damage and debris.  Little to report on vandalism although there are still people being caught trying to enter the buildings.


Mr. Thompson discussed the revolving fund established at Town Meeting. The money will go to landscaping, keep grass cut and tick population down, fall clean up etc. Committee has been spending money on fixing the roofs of the buildings, masonry work on the buildings, and there may need to be more high value masonry work completed. Masonry is affected by water and neglect, etc. The revenue from the movie has offset the cost of some of the roofs and the plan is that the Committee would not need to ask for money at town meeting in 2018.


Selectmen Marcucci requested the Selectmen retain control of the revolving funds to be spent. Requests can be made to the Board of Selectmen for expenditures. Mr. Thompson discussed that the Committee tries to avoid expending money on buildings that will come down instead spending funds on buildings that are in the plan for reuse. Ms. Trierweiler will work on the bid for landscaping for 2018 which was a large expense last year. Would still like to request funds for the fall clean up which was estimated at $20,000.


Selectmen Murby agreed using the revolving funds gained from the movie was a better approach then appropriating additional funds at Town Meeting in 2018. Selectmen agreed to control the expenditures from the revolving fund.


Selectmen discussed that a stabilization fund had been created for the sale of items at MSH that would need to be declared surplus by the Town. Mr. Thompson suggested that he have a consultant come in and conduct a survey of what was valuable in the buildings and on site. Mr. Massaro stated concerns if no appropriation for the funds for MSH what happens if additional legal, environmental work is required for the disposition. Ms. Trierweiler has money available in the MSH planning article for this purpose.


Selectmen Peterson thanked Mr. Thompson for all of his work at MSH, his ongoing tours and his work with the movie company. The revenue from the movie should fund ongoing maintenance for 2-3 years.



Action Items

Selectmen invited to the Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Saturday, December 2, 2017 for the following:             Garrett Theodore Gipson

                        Robert A. Raine

                        Tyler James Hatch

                        Stephen Daniel Williams


Vote: Selectmen Marcucci made a motion to approve and sign all Eagle Scout Certificates, seconded by Selectmen Murby and the vote was unanimous.



Discussion of Selectmen 2018 ATM Articles

Selectmen will be putting forth an article on Hinkley Property not on Lot 3.


Mr. Centore has requested that Town staff create the plan, the warrant article on behalf of the Senior Housing Study Committee. COG is currently working on the article for the ATM. Selectmen Murby stated concerns regarding no clear agreement on ownership, rental, layout etc. The affordable units will need to stay affordable in perpetuity not just the first owner. Selectmen discussed the type of services that may be necessary to support this type of housing.


Proposed daycare is putting in a forced main sewer and has requested that Water and Sewer allow them to tie into the public sewer. Both parties have met but no decision has been made. Mr. Sullivan does not support this project or sewer connection. Water and Sewer will seek consultant and peer review before making a decision.


Veterans Service Officer

Mr. Sullivan in still in talks with a nearby town to create a joint Veterans district. Mr. Sullivan will continue to discuss the details with the Town Administrator, but Veterans Agent is interested and willing to work with both Towns.


MSH RFP for Facilitation Services

Steve Nolan from the MSHMPC presented a change order on the main consulting contract with CBI as timetables have shifted. Schedule is preparing for a March Special Town Meeting and will need CBI to continue working with the Committee. At this point the CBI contract has run out and we are looking at a new RFP for facilitation services.


Vote: Selectmen Marcucci made a motion to solicit three quotations for facilitation services for $25,000, seconded by Selectmen Murby and the vote was unanimous.



Lot 3 Discussion

Selectmen Peterson recused himself from the discussion and moved to the audience.


Selectmen discussed Lot 3 and the overlay zoning concept and the possibility of doing commercial or having housing as an overlay zone. Selectmen asked Mr. Nolan to review the 40R vs 40B district including incentive payments, quicker timeline, etc. Concerns were raised by Mr. Sullivan that if Medfield agreed to a 40R, the zoning could become denser without local approval. Concerns were raised by Selectmen Murby that if Lot 3 and Hinkley were not included in the master plan that will be presented in March then there appears to be a miscommunication between the Selectmen and the Committee that this was to be a priority area to be analyzed.


Board of Selectmen discussed that if a special town meeting does not happen then there needs to be consideration of the disposition articles at the Annual Town Meeting so that the property is moving forward in 2018. Mr. Massaro suggested the Selectmen still investigate 40R so that there is no delay. Ms. McCabe will meet with COG to begin drafting language for the 40R and other disposition articles. Selectmen agreed that 40R discussions need to move forward at the ATM and not be an obstacle for moving forward.


Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Nolan discussed that that the RFP for Lot 3 proposals contain evaluation criteria so that the Selectmen can evaluate multiple uses for the property.
Selectmen discussed whether a referenda from the ATM about senior housing or a sports complex or the RFP is the appropriate way to determine what is best for the Town’s best interest. Selectmen Murby did not feel the RFP was the mechanism to utilize. Selectmen Marcucci did not feel a referenda was the best way to go. Information is still missing such as costs of proposals, property taxes, how to evaluate the proposal, market intelligence. Selectmen still need to determine if the proposal is net tax positive and how that will be determined.


Selectmen discussed the process at the Special Town Meeting. Will Lot 3 be disposed of separately or as part of the Master Plan? Will Master Plan be presented in phases? The issue that arises in voting Lot 3 as part of the Master Plan is that it results in only two members of the Selectmen able to vote on the Master Plan. Mr. Nolan indicated the intention of the Committee was not segment the Master Plan particularly when looking for a 2/3 vote. The Committee could consider removing Lot 3 from the Master Plan as a separate vote. Mr. Cerel advised another discussion with the Ethics Commission regarding Lot 3 and Selectmen Peterson.


Mr. Massaro indicated he still has concerns about the numbers being presented at a special Town Meeting in March. Selectmen Murby questioned why Lot 3 was included in the MSH Master Plan. The voters voted in 2014 at the ATM to give the lease/sale opportunity to the Selectmen. Selectmen Murby indicated he has concerns too regarding the Committee not speaking to the abutters of Lot 3 or cost/benefit numbers from the Committee on Lot 3.


Selectmen Marcucci favors the open ended RFP accepting multiple uses for evaluation. Town Meeting has already committed the property to the Selectmen. There are potential developers interested in the property that should be investigated.


Selectmen discussed there are two constituencies interested in Lot 3: those that want a sports complex and those that want senior housing. Selectmen Murby stated that senior housing in other areas of Town may be acceptable to the senior housing constituency. Seniors also want tax relief which could come in the form of commercial development on Lot 3. Mr. Massaro asked the Selectmen to look at Ms. McCabe’s charts from over six months ago that indicate housing is more beneficial than commercial use. Mr. Nolan indicated the Committee would like approval of the plan as presented including Lot 3 as a change from housing to commercial on Lot 3 could make the disposition of the core campus more difficult.


Dale Street 40B

Selectmen Peterson rejoined the Board of Selectmen.


Selectmen Marcucci updated the Selectmen on Mr. Kelly’s proposals for Dale Street. Currently he has two proposals for the DPW side of Route 27. Mr. Kelly is looking to present to the AHT Board in December. The AHT will hear a proposal for a 12-14 unit development at 90 North Meadows Road and on 12/5 the BOS/AHT joint meeting will take place to discuss the 93-95 North Street proposal.  The discussion for Dale Street will be extensive so will look to schedule meeting with the Selectmen in January. Selectmen discussed timing of the meeting, neighborhood concerns, and impact to the SHI.


Town Administrator Evaluation

Mr. Sullivan updated the Selectmen that he is working on the evaluation and will be put on the agenda for the next meeting. Selectmen Murby would like to separate the compensation and performance discussion. Selectmen need to more forward and identify goals for the next fiscal year. Selectmen discussed the types of goals, day to day operations that could be used to form metrics that would assist in the evaluation.



Selectmen discussed Constables and their role in Medfield. Mark Cerel updated how Medfield has used Constables as primary keepers of the lock up.


Board of Selectmen reviewed the appointments as presented, would like more clarification on the Bay Colony Rail Trail at a future date.


Vote: Selectmen Marcucci made a motion to approve all appointments as discussed, seconded by Selectmen Murby and the vote was unanimous.




Licenses and Permits (Consent Agenda)

Katie Walsh, owner of Capsule at 70 North Street, requests a one day Liquor permit for the Holiday Stroll on December 1, 2017 and from 5PM to 9PM and on December 7, 2017 from 6-9PM for Sip and Shop.


MEMO requests a Parade Permit for the Annual Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 2, 2017 at 1:00PM. MEMO also invites the BOS to lead the parade and participate in the Tree Lighting Festivities on December 1, 2017 at Baxter Park.


Friends of the Dwight Derby House request approval for signs at official sites as well as a yard sign at top of Frairy on 12/1/2017 to direct visitors to the Dwight Derby House.


Selectmen discussed with Mr. Cerel the need for Ms. Walsh of Capsule to apply for a permit for this type of event. After the discussion it was determined that Ms. Walsh does not need to apply for a permit.

Vote: Selectmen Marcucci made a motion to approve all items in the Consent Calendar except for the request by Ms. Walsh as it is not necessary, seconded by Selectmen Murby and the vote was unanimous.



Town Administrator Update

Mr. Sullivan provided an update on the November 11, 2017 meeting with the DOT and Legislators regarding West Street/Route 109 Bridge. Legislators will work with the Towns to try and secure funding for the 109 bridge.


Selectmen asked to get an update on North Street for the next meeting.



Citizen Comment




Selectmen’s Report

Selectmen Murby updated everyone on the ALS study committee. At this time the Committee is still moving forward with the concept of hiring staff in the department as the most economical way to provide this service.


Selectmen discussed the implications of the appropriating funds for the OPEB liability or issuing a bond to address the issue. Mr. Sullivan stated that an appropriation is better long term under tax reform rules.


Selectmen Peterson provided an update on Veterans Day activities, MCAP meeting, and the Coalition for suicide prevention subcommittee activities. Selectmen Peterson thanked Maurice Goulet and Chief Meaney for coming up with a solution at Gun Hill and Millbrook to slow the traffic turning into the neighborhood.



Vote: Selectmen Marcucci made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:30PM, seconded by Selectmen Murby and the vote was unanimous.





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  1. Colleen Sullivan

    Pete,Seriously?  These minutes from 11/21/17 were just posted on the website?Colleen


    • Colleen Sullivan

      Having just realized a Town Hall employee was out for an extended period of time and the posting of meeting minutes ultimately got backed up due to this, I apologize for the previous comment.


  2. Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

    Thanks for the follow up and recognition, Colleen. You are correct that the responsibility for the taking and the production of the minutes did get shifted to another employee during one employee’s extended leave. Everyone at the Town House is seriously working their hardest to deliver the best possible services to our residents, and at times, such as here during the busy build up to the annual town meeting (ATM), work must get prioritized, and some tasks must just get postponed.

    Resident satisfaction with town services is job one for any town government, and we are fortunate to have such invested employees who are committed to providing those good services to our Medfield residents.

    Plus, for budget reasons, we are staffed at lower levels than many other towns, so each employee must therefore do more.