Call the INTERFACE® Helpline 617-332-3666 x1411 or 1-888-244-6843 x1411 WILLIAM JAMES COLLEGE INTERFACE Referral Service Where can you learn about Mental Health Resources in or near your community? How can you access Mental Health Services for all ages? Find answers at the INTERFACE Referral Service. Call Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm to consult with a mental health professional about resources and/or receive personalized, matched referrals. For additional information and resources, please visit interface. wil liam james .edu/ community /medfield. Funding for this valuable service is generously provided by the Medfield Public Schools and the Town of Medfield.

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INTERFACE is a Mental Health Service Resource & Referral Helpline.  

Be on the lookout for new postcards promoting William James College INTERFACE Referral Service, a Mental Health Resource & Referral Helpline available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9-5 by calling 617-332-3666, ext 1. INTERFACE matches callers from subscribing communities with appropriate outpatient mental health resources and referrals in their area.

This FREE service is new to Medfield since November 1, 2017. 

Dr. Jeffrey Marsden, Superintendent of Schools, purchased this service in collaboration with the Town of Medfield, for all of Medfield’s residents, in response to reports that residents were having difficulty finding outpatient mental health providers in a timely fashion.

Seeking mental health care on one’s own has become more difficult than ever in today’s ever changing healthcare market. Providers who are on lists from referral sources such as primary care offices or insurance companies may not be taking new clients/patients, be the right match for the insurance plan of the client/patient, or have the expertise in the mental health service being sought. Residents were reporting that when they sought care for themselves or a loved one, it often took multiple phone calls, endless waiting, and much wasted time in securing an appropriate provider.

INTERFACE is free for ALL Medfield residents and is a tool in accessing mental health care by providing a service that matches a person seeking outpatient mental health care with specialized providers from a large data base of licensed and vetted mental health providers, thereby reducing the burden on residents seeking to connect with outpatient mental health treatment.

As of March over 32 Medfield residents have received assistance in securing an outpatient mental health provider through Interface.  INTERFACE resource and referral counselors work hard to secure an appropriate match and if for any reason the match is not successful; they will continue to work with the caller until the right fit between caller and provider is in place.

Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention (MCSP) has created postcards to inform Medfield residents about the INTERFACE service and local mental health support services as part of their mission to inform every resident of this important service.  With leadership from Medfield resident Carol Read, a prevention specialist in a nearby community and Medfield Board of Health member, the cards were designed and completed by the MCSP publicity committee and are now being distributed throughout various locations in the community.

Find them at the Public Safety building, The Center at Medfield (Council on Aging), Medfield Youth Outreach, Town Hall and Medfield School Dept, 3rd floor, Town Hall, Medfield Public Library, schools, medical professional’s offices, and at various businesses.

 If you wish to host the cards at your organization, reach out to MCSP through the Medfield Youth Outreach office at 508-359-7121.

For additional information and resources, please visit

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