BoS 4/17

The Select Board meets tomorrow night, mainly to interview the candidate for the fire chief position.  We also meet nest Tuesday.  The agenda and informational materials for the April 17 meeting are available here – 20180417-agenda

TOWN OF MEDFIELD MEETING NOTICE I POSIBD: TOWN CLERK ,;;:.1.,;U n:.u ·· SS rowrt Jr MEOflELO. nA POSTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF M.G.L. CHAPTElita> fBtttttnf13A: £°MENDED. PLACE OF MEETING Town Hall Chenery Meeting Room Board of Selectmen Board or Committee OFFICE OF THE TOWN CLfRK DAY, DATE, AND TIME Tuesday April 17, 2018 @7:00 PM AGENDA (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Announcement Disclosure of Video Recording We want to take a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world Citizen Comment Appointments 7:00 PM John Kelly I LIP Application 7:30 PM ALS Committee update Action Item Vote to sign the Warrant Pending Continued discussion regarding Financial Policies Town Administrator Update Selectmen Report Informational Copy of letter from Tri-County High School regarding Certified Copy of Assessments and Budget Summary DEP April 2 letter approving pilot study for removal of iron and manganese from Well No.3 c QQ

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