Citizen ATM warrant article for senior housing

Mike Sullivan share this morning the following citizen petition for an annual town meeting (ATM) warrant article that Mike received Friday from Tony Centore, Chair of the Senior Housing Study Committee.  Citizen petitions for ATM warrant article need ten signatures to qualify for inclusion in the town meeting warrant, and this petition contained seventy-five signatures.

The Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee is working towards a special town meeting (STM) in March 2018 where both Lot 3 and the Hinkley parcel are recommended to be developed as senior housing – a 42 unit 40B rental project on Lot 3 and a 12 unit ownership proposal for the South end of the Hinkley parcel, respectively.

VOTER PETITIONED ARTICLE FOR TOWN MEETING (D) To the Board of Selectmen: We, the undersigned voters of the Town of Medfield, hereby petition the Board of Selectmen pursuant to MGL Chapter 39, Section J 0, to insert the following article in the Warrant for the X_Annual Special Town Meeting to be held on April 24, 2018 To see if the Town will vote to: To determine whether the Town in order to expedite development along Ice House Rd. will vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to remove Lot 1 (Hinkley Property) and Lot 3 from the control ofthe Medfield State Hospital Planning Committee and transfer said control to the Medfield Senior Housing Study Committee and the Council on Aging (COA) or other Town Board. Further to direct the Board of Selectman to expeditiously enter into a Local Initiative Project (LIP) on Town owned land on Lot 1 (Hinkley Property) off Ice House Rd. The land or any portion thereof shall be incorporated into said project at no cost by donation to the Affordable Housing Trust. The project shall contract with a developer to build appropriate and affordable Senior 65+ housing featuring ranch type condominiums with price points between $350,000 to $500,000 with preference for Medfield Seniors. Land will continue to be owned by the Town. In addition the details of said housing shall be subject to approval of the Senior Housing Study Committee and the Council on Aging. Or take any other action in relation thereto.

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