93-95 North Street 40B update

93-95 North street

Caitlin Dufault asked for an update in a comment to an earlier post, and I thought that there would be more general interest in my response, so I will include it here as well.


Tuesday evening at the 6:30 PM joint meeting of the Affordable Housing Trust Committee and the Board of Selectmen, there was a presentation by the developers of the 93-95 North Street 40B proposal, Dave and Rob MacCready. Because there is not agreement over the density (among other factors) of that proposal, and also because the Affordable Housing Trust has other proposals that are not as controversial, the Affordable Housing Trust voted to table the MacCready proposal.

Since that proposal is being put forward as a Local Initiative Program (LIP), it needs approval from the Board of Selectmen to proceed, which it does not now have. Where the Town of Medfield is currently in a safe harbor with respect to unfriendly 40B projects, if the developer opted to proceed while the town is in the safe harbor, the Zoning Board of Appeals could just deny the developer’s application for an unfriendly 40B comprehensive permit, so it could not proceed.

It is my expectation that the developers will next be trying to work out a more amicable proposal with the neighbors, which could then return to the Affordable Housing Trust Committee and the Board of Selectmen for their consideration.

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