Senior Housing Study Committee Report

Given the meeting about senior housing this Thursday, people may want to see the Senior Housing Study Committee Report via the link below.

20170615-Senior Housing Study Committee-draft report

Medfield Board of Selectman 459 Main Street Medfield, MA 02052 Re: Senior Housing Study Draft Report Dear Medfield Board of Selectman: June 15, 2017 The Medfield Senior Housing Study Committee hereby submits its Draft Report for your consideration and comment. Our Committee has quantified the growing senior 50+ population in Town, collected Senior home assessments and income, conducted a Medfield Senior Housing Survey, evaluated the financial aspects of selling and buying Senior friendly housing, and made recommendations to address what we see as a major housing issue among Medfield Seniors. Our Senior Housing Survey shows that a significant majority of Medfield Seniors have lived in Town for over 30 years and have a very strong attachment to friends and neighbors built up over the years. fu addition Medfield Seniors overwhelmingly wish to stay in Medfield if they can find reasonably priced - $300,000 to $450,000 and appropriate Senior housing. Over two thirds of Seniors we surveyed envision a condominium or single family as their next home. Our recommendations focus on solutions that can expediently make these wishes come true. While we see little opportunity for Seniors through the State's 40b Affordable Housing program, we suggest developing a 40b variant - Local fuitiative Project (LIP). To accomplish this LIP we suggest that we follow a recommendation of the recently completed Housing Production Plan (HPP). This involves the Town placing Town owned land such as Lot 1 and 3 off Ice House Rd. near the Senior Center into the recently created Affordable Housing Trust. The LIP project would be specifically for 55+ ranch style or apartment housing. We perceive that by making all or a portion of this land available in a LIP project appropriate Senior housing could be developed with price points between $300,000 to $450,000. Please do not to distribute this Draft beyond those for whom it was intended until the Committee is satisfied that it is ready to be distributed as a Final Report. Very truly yours The Medfield Senior Housing Study Committee ~~ Tony Centore, Chair

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