Medfield Foundation Legacy Fund

Building Community The Medeld Foundation thanks all of the individuals who made generous contributions in support of the Medeld Foundation Legacy Fund this past year MFi’s Legacy Fund is an Endowed Fund which will enable strategic grant making to enhance the quality of life here in Medeld. With the backing of our donors and volunteers, the Medeld Foundation continues to be a civic hub of empowerment regarding key issues that face our community today and in the future. Below are the names of those who contributed to the Legacy Fund at the Founder level this past year. We hope you will add your name to this list of respected civic leaders now or in the coming year. Thank you: Helen and Paul Dewey Dorrian and Dean Fragola Leanne and Michael LaBelle Barbara and Robert MacLeod Abby and Jerey Marble Emily and Michael Marcucci Lisa and Chris O’Sullivan Deborah Bero and Osler Peterson Marianne and Stephen Phillips Georgianna Oliver and Todd Trehubenko Susan and Evan Weisenfeld Bonnie Wren-Burgess Medeld Foundation’s Legacy Fund The Medeld Foundation is a 100% volunteer run 501-(c)(3) non-prot charitable corporation whose mission is to enrich the lives of Medeld residents, build a stronger community, and facilitate the raising and allocation of private funds for public needs in the town of Medeld. MFi has raised over $1.8 million since its founding in 2001. The Medeld Foundation Legacy Fund is an Endowed Fund of the Foundation for MetroWest in partnership with the Medeld Foundation. We invite you to join the community of donors who will make it possible for us to conduct strategic grant making to further enhance our quality of life in Medeld. For information on how to give, go to or contact MFi President Evan Weisenfeld at or (774) 469-0260

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