BoS on 6/20/17

Meeting Minutes June 20, 2017 Chenery Meeting Room draft PRESENf: Selectmen Peterson, Marcucci; Town Administrator Sullivan; Administrative Assistant Clarke; Selectman Murby absent Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00. He announced this meeting is being recorded and asked for a moment of appreciation for our Troops serving in the Middle East and around the world. POLICE DEPARI'MENf As Chief Meaney was not available this evening, Sgt Wilhelmi is present to explain the Delegation Agreement between Medfield Police and MASS Human Resources Division pertaining to the selection process for police sergeant. Civil Service will now allow the sergeant exam and assessments to be available locally. Chief Meany will be the Delegation Administrator to ensure that all aspects of the exam will be adhered to. Exam results will be available in three weeks and the cost to the Town to administrator the exam process is minimal. The Board is requested to authorize Chairman Peterson execute the document and it was so voted. MEDFIELD ARI'S INITIATIVES / JEAN MINEO AND CHRISTINE POTTS Jean Mineo gave the Selectmen a printout of "Economic Impact" regarding cultural events in Town. Medfield was one of 341 organizations country wide participating and she was happy to report that the 17 arts and cultural institutions in Medfield has been recognized as an excellent supporter for cultural events. The event "Arts in the Park" is planned for Thursday June 22 to highlight artists and their works in Straw Hat Park. Also a new banner will be on display that reads "We Celebrate Medfield Arts" and highlights those sponsors and supporters of all things cultural. Chris Potts remarked that the Town has a banner gift account and requests the Selectmen approve the cost of the banner, $265.00 to be paid from this account. VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Marcucci, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was voted unanimously to authorize payment of $265.00 to cover the cost of a new banner and as requested by the Medfield Cultural Council STATE HOSPITAL MASTER PLANNING COMMITIEE Chairman Steve Nolan remarked that his committee has agreed that we will not be ready to present a plan for the site at a Special Town Meeting in November but rather tentatively aim for a meeting in January. He continued saying that the one consistent proposal that has been voiced from the public outreach meetings is that the focus should be on the Town reaching the 10 percent for affordable housing and safe harbor. June 20, 2017 Page two Many older residents would very much like to see affordable housing (not 40B) planned for some of the property to help provide those seniors who would like to stay in Medfield living in moderately smaller homes. Selectman Marcucci posed the idea that Lot 3 and the Hinkley property be split off from the hospital committee and be given to the new Affordable Housing Trust for consideration for a housing project. Mr. Nolan said that the committee continues to work on options and we welcome concerns. Selectman Peterson noted that reviewing the two plans for the property he feels that having a cultural center, create a destination and other attractions could be really exciting for the Town. Mr. Sullivan is of the opinion that the public has had their say and now it is up to the committee to do their work and formulate something more solid. CHAPTER90 Director Goulet requests the Selectmen vote to sign a Project Request for various roads preventive maintenance and it was so voted to sign PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The Selectmen are requested to sign an Agreement with BETA Group, Inc. Norwood for their services to develop the pavement program; total cost $29,500.00 VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to execute the · Pavement Management System Agreement and as recommended by Director Goulet SOLAR MAINTENENACE AGREEMENT Facilities Director Jerry McCarty requests the Selectmen sign agreement with Select Energy Development, LLC, located in Hopkinton. This service agreement provides support for the solar system at the Public Safety Building and at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to execute the Solar Maintenance Agreement with contractor Select Energy Development and as recommended by Facilities Director Jerry McCarty TRASH REMOVAL CONTRACT Director McCarty issued a request for bids to provide trash removal for all municipal buildings and the schools. Lawrence Waste Services, Medway is awarded the bid and the Selectmen are requested to sign the contract. VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to execute the Trash Removal Agreement with Lawrence Waste Services and as recommended by Director McCarty June 20, 2017 Page three WEBSITE SERVICES Ms. Trierweiler and the IT Team recommend that CivicPlus, Manhattan, Kansas be retained to provide a website redesign for the Town. Fee for services is $29,882.00. The Board is requested to sign the agreement and it was so voted. LETTERS OF RESIGNATION VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Marcucci, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Council on Aging Board member Neil Du Ross, member since 2006 VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to accept the resignation of Fire Chief Search Committee member Tanya Quigley-Bolan due to personnel reasons LICENSES AND PERMITS CONSENT AGENDA On motions made by Selectman Marcucci, seconded by Selectman Peterson, the Board voted to grant permission to the high school football team to hold a car wash behind Town Hall Saturday August 26 behind Town Hall; to grant permission to Kathy and Abe Schickel to hold the annual Run Like a Maverick SK Race on Sunday May 6, 2018. SELECTMEN'S REPORfS Selectman Marcucci enjoyed the Zullo Gallery Art Festival, a great event in a nice location. He noted that the beaver devastation in Rocky Wood is really serious. Mr. Sullivan will reach out to the Trustees to place beaver deceivers in the area; noting beavers are a problem around Town. Selectman Peterson remarked that it was a wonderful proclamation from the Town to Richard DeSorgher conducting his last Medfield History Day tour. He said that this is the 25th Anniversary of the event and through the years Richard conducted 150 tours. Mr. Sullivan noted the Medfield Conservation Commission passed Larkin Developers proposed housing development on Hospital Road with conditions. Becausethere will be affordable units included it allows the Town to reach safe harbor. Sullivan highlighted that DEP has postponed for the moment storm water regulations. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

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