Linda Donovan on the Mega-B


Linda Donovan was the first and last speaker at last Tuesday’s selectmen meeting, attended by 800 to 1,000 residents, and entirely devoted to hearing about the Mega-B from its developer and his team.  Today Linda sent me the letter she read that evening.  Bill and Linda’s home is just 75′ to the right of the five story block on the right.


Hi, My name is Linda Donovan and I live at 4 Joseph Pace Rd. I am a lifelong resident of Medfield.

I just want to say I am strongly against this project.

First of all, it is not possible for me to be against the 40B aspect of the project because my family and I live in Allendale which is a 40B project of single family homes that are located on and off of Dale Street. The homes were built in __1992____
They were built in accordance with the style of the surrounding neighborhood, at a density appropriate to our town

I was raised on Miller St. in a home that was built by my grandfather. My father grew up in Medfield, myself and my children are Medfield graduates. If it were not for our neighborhood being built I would not have been able to buy a home in Medfield.
My husband is a town employee at the WWTP and a on-call firefighter for Medfield. I have been a school bus driver in town for over 16 years.
My neighbors consist of firefighters,,Medfield School cafeteria worker, crossing guards, retired families, bank employees, hospital workers, among others. The Dale St neighborhood we live in was an example of 40B done right. Most people in town are probably not even aware of our neighborhood.

We should not allow a private developer to use the 40B statute in a way that directly harms those it intends to benefit. This project will destroy our trees, cut off our sunlight as my house is about 25 yards from the back of the proposed buildings,our neighborhood is an enclosed neighborhood with fence around three sides. They propose on removing the fence and have a walk way through the end of our street which is my front yard. It will produce more traffic to our already busy roads, and endanger our kids who play, ride bikes and walk to school via Dale St.

It is extremely upsetting to think how this project will ruin a successful 40B neighborhood of Medfield while pretending to help us. We do not need luxury rentals with roof-top decks, a small tot lot and a lot more car exhaust for us all to breathe. We need green spaces, fresh air and more opportunities for ownership rather than rentals. Most of all we want safety for our kids. In the end isn’t that what everyone raising families in Medfield wants? 40B families, including those of us who are already here, deserve a much better plan than this oversized development that does not fit in with the character of our town.

Thank you

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