Vic Cevoli photos of MSH

Hi Osler, it’s been a while since I’ve sent along photos from the Medfield Hospital project.  Here’s a quick update.
It seems that each time I photograph the property it presents a different facet of itself.  This past Saturday was no exception.  The weather was most unpleasant and the resulting photographs captured the dark and dreary mood that I observed that morning.  They are by no means “beautiful” photographs, but I believe they have a role to play in the story.
– v
20151128-VC-branches raindrops 20151128-VC-quad infared 20151128-VC-stop 20151128-VC-ugly infared

2 responses to “Vic Cevoli photos of MSH

  1. Wow. What a mood these photos project!

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    • Thanks Ancelin! It is a very interesting place with changing moods each and every day. It has many stories to tell. – v