MSH night photos


The photographer, Edmund Prescottano, took these wonderous looking photos of MSH at night, with really long exposures.    Click here to see all the photos.   The photos were shared by David Temple, the explanation below is from Ed. –


How Ed Prescottano took these unusual pictures:

These were all taken between 7 pm and 11 pm. Exposure were all around 5 minutes. I light painted all the buildings with a flash light. The horizon light or brightness is from the light pollution from Sherborn or even  Natick when facing north or any other town in the distance when facing other directions. The streaks in the sky was due to the clouds moving during the long exposure. Later in the evening the clouds became very thick so there is less streaking and fewer startrails to be seen if any.

I hope to do more up there at night but will need to get permission from someone.

It really is a fascinating place and I would love to document it before much is gone or changed



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    These are beautiful photos — very creative and imaginative with the lighting. I would like them for presentations and marketing pieces if possible.

    Thanks, Gil

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