Met with MA Secretary of Housing & Economic Development

Jay Ash

Yesterday morning Mike Sullivan, Richard DeSorgher and I met with Jay Ash, the Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Economic Development to learn what the state can do to assist Medfield with our economic development and housing issues (see photo above).

After that four town meeting (Wrentham, Norfolk, Walpole, and Medfield) at the Wrentham Town Hall, Medfield showed the Secretary the former Medfield State Hospital site (see photo below).

Jay Ash at MSH

My main take aways:

  • the opportunities to get the MSH site listed as ready for development on the MassEcon 100,
  • to have the man who talks to more developers than any one else in the state be able to talk up our site, and
  • to just have the man who administers all state economic development and housing monies know about the MSH site and its expected development so he can help get the word out and be knowledgeable if and when grant applications are made.

Interesting tidbits learned during the discussions:

  • Electric Time reportedly could not complete on price with what The Parc was willing to pay for that site, so an industrial site became a residential site, and
  • Walpole is negotiating with an international company to site a facility that will provide 600 jobs – company is looking for 90% reduction in its taxes.

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