Verizon seeking to have antennae on telephone pole by Subway

20150923-Verizon Wireless-application for antennaae on telephone pole by Subway

There is a currently pending application by Verizon Wireless to the Zoning Board of Appeals to install a new cell antennae on the top of an existing telephone pole in front of the Subway shop.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PLANS.

The town’s bylaw on cell facilities allows them to be constructed new in only four locations in town, namely

  • Mt Nebo,
  • Medfield State Hospital,
  • on the existing high tension power line towers, and
  • Off Rte. 27 by West Street.

If the cell providers are using an existing structure, they can locate anywhere.  In the past, the Unitarian Church had been negotiating to lease its steeple to cell companies, which is the sort of win win result which provides the best synergies for existing town entities.

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