BoS minutes 6/16

Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2015
Chenery Meeting Room draft

PRESENT: Selectmen DeSorgher, Fisher, Peterson; Town administrator Sullivan; Assistant
Town Administrator Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant Clarke
Chairman DeSorgher called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and read announcements: this
meeting is being recorded. We want to take a moment of appreciation for our brave
servicemen and women serving around the world and especially those in trouble spots in the
Middle East. He reminded the listening audience that Medfield’s water ban remains in effect.
Chairman DeSorgher wished the high school boys lacrosse team and the high school girls’
lacrosse team good luck as they head into the finals. Unfortunately the high school boys’
baseball team lost the championship to Middleboro.

Chief Meaney remarked that he is present this evening to request the Selectmen vote to
appoint three candidates as full time officers; Joseph Brienze, Ryan Maxfield and Colby Roy.
They each scored high on the civil service exam. Background checks were done by John Geary
and Lars Anderson; coming up are their physicals, physical agility test and six months at the
academy. Adding these three officers will bring the department half way to where we want to
be. Chief Meaney provided some background information on the candidates; Joe graduated
from Medfield High School in 2007, a graduate of UMass Dartmouth, he is the freshman
football coach, Medfield Fire Department volunteer and has his own landscaping business.
Ryan is a Norfolk County AGI graduate, associate business degree from MASS Bay, is a mechanic
at Hanscom airfield and works security at Patriot Place. Colby has knowledge of Spanish,
played rugby in college (Roger Williams), works at the Bass Pro shop and Bar Louie’s, good
experience handling the public. He also has a good recommendation from Police Officer Steve
Grover who by the way is retiring very soon.

VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher to follow Police Chief Meaney’s
recommendation to appoint Joseph Brienze, Ryan Maxfield and Colby Roy as fulltime
police officers, seconded by Selectman Peterson and the vote was unanimous.
Selectman DeSorgher remarked that being a police officer is an important role and you will
have our full support. Our chief and Officers set a good example. Congratulations.

Mr. Sullivan said that Michael Clancy has retired after 15 years of service to the Town. A committee
comprised of Millis Town Administrator Charles Aspinwall, Medway’s Michael Boynton and myself
interviewed five candidates and we unanimously agreed to recommend the Selectman appoint James
Allshouse, Sealer effective July 1, 2015. We know he will do the job professionally and efficiently.

June 16, 2015
Page two

VOTE: On a motion made by Selectman Fisher to appoint W. James Allshouse as Sealer
of Weights and Measures effective July 1, 2015, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was
voted unanimously.

Discussion continued about an antique cabinet that Medfield has and is now in the basement at
the Pfaff Center. It contained some scales and measuring information that perhaps Mr.
Allshouse may want to see. He responded that Medway also has an antique cabinet that he
looked at. The cabinet has the original weights.
Selectman DeSorgher was pleased to learn that the Sealer will serve the three towns and
perhaps other neighboring towns may need at some point to share the service. He said that
through the regional committee that includes the towns of Norfolk, Westwood, Sherborn and
Walpole. Sharing the position of Sealer is a way for us to save money and share equipment.
Jim Allshouse is willing to work with any of the towns where he is needed. The sealer’s
responsibilities include inspecting/testing all weights and measures, ie gas pumps, cash
registers, scales at food stores, oil delivery trucks, pharmacy scales. It is an important position
to help protect the consumer.

Member Gil Rodgers remarked that the Hunt Club requests permission to use the hospital
grounds for their equestrian activities beginning in September through November. They have
been conducting hunts in Medfield for over 100 years and the proposed routes on the hospital
grounds are the same that were used in past years.
A member of the audience Pat O’Rourke, Bridge Street queried if the dates of the hunts will be
specifically listed as he and many others walk their dogs around the site. Mr. Rodgers
responded that postings will be on the Norfolk Hunt website.

VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to grant permission
to the Norfolk Hunt Club to use the state hospital grounds for equestrian activities during
the fall season

Thomas Marie, Martha Festa, Gregory Sullivan, Barbara Gips, Sharon Tatro)
Mr. Marcucci opened the conversation saying that he proposes in the future that the selectmen
and the Warrant Committee need to look at projects to mutually agree what the budgets could
take on which he feels would help to improve the budget process. A case in point is the Straw
Hat Park. He said that the Selectmen agreed with the project then when the volunteers came
before the committee we opposed; volunteers very upset as a good amount of their time and
efforts were devoted to the project.

June 16, 2015
Page three

Mr. Marcucci pointed out that not all warrant committee members are in favor of a proposal
that the Selectmen establish a discretionary fund with an amount of 25-50,000; discretionary
meaning the Selectmen would decide how to spend the funds. Mr. Sullivan remarked that
there is a line item in the Selectmen’s budget for committee expense; however, that amount is
under $5,000. Any funds to be spent even designated as discretionary still must have Town
Meeting vote.

Emphasis shifted to Town departments. For ideas they may want to pursue it would be more
advantageous if the department arranged to meet with the Selectmen before the annual
budget hearing perhaps in September; in this way departments would have more guidance as
to budget amounts for their projects.

It was suggested that the Capital Budget Committee plan to meet earlier than they have in the
past several years and develop a five year capital improvement plan. Also develop a list of
priority projects. Another idea discussed is a town-wide 20 year capital improvement plan
including the school department.

The Warrant Committee is concerned with the amount of funds being spent at the state
hospital. If this continues it could have serious impact on other Town departments’ budgets.
Warrant Committee hopes that sooner rather than later a preferred case of what to do with the
property will be established.

The Selectmen and the Warrant Committee agree that they key to establishing a good budget
process is communication.


VOTED unanimously to approve the June 2, 2015 minutes and accept the minutes of
October 21, 28; November 4, 18, 25; December 2 and 16, 2014 as amended

VOTE: On a motion made by Selectmen Fisher, seconded by Selectman Peterson it was
Voted unanimously to award the bid for Bituminous Type 1-1 to Riley Brothers; Crack
Seal to Crack-Sealing Inc.; Stone Seal to All States Asphalt Inc. and as recommended
by superintendent Feeney
Planning Board member Elissa Franco submitted her letter of resignation effective July 30,
2015. She has been an elected member since 2000. Mr. DeSorgher remarked that Elissa has

June 16, 2015
Page four

been an important voice for the Town; she has always stepped forward and her help has been
tremendous. We wish her and her family the very best in the future.

VOTE: On a motion made and seconded it was voted unanimously to accept the
resignation of Planning Board member Elissa Gordet Franco with deepest regret


Ms. Trierweiler explained that bids were opened on June 15, 2015 for landscaping services and
snowplowing work at the hospital site. Shady Tree Landscaping, Inc., Medfield submitted the
lowest bid, amount being $55,150.00. A proposed agreement has been drawn and will be
reviewed by Town Counsel. At this time she requests the Selectmen vote to authorize
chairman DeSorgher sign the final copy of the agreement after Town Counsel review and it was
so voted.


Voted unanimously to grant Zullo Gallery Center For The Arts one-day wine and malt
beverage permit for Thursday July 9, 16, 23, 30; August 6, 13, 20, 27; additionally the
dates of First Thursday September 3; October 1; November 5; December 3, 2015 5-11:30 PM

Mr. Fisher reported that First Thursday at the Zullo Gallery was really good; so nice to relax and
enjoy their roof top deck. 2015 graduation was a great event fantastic weather and all went
well. Last Thursday the state hospital visioning session had a great turnout. It was very
encouraging to see new people attend the excellent program. Last but not least the annual
Medfield History Day was a good success and as usual Richard did a great job.

Mr. Peterson was very enthused by the turnout at the state hospital visioning session, good
ideas, and good energy.

Mr. DeSorgher was pleased to report that through the efforts of Representative Dooley the
MBTA has agreed to waive the fee of $3,000.00 to remove the Farm Street and Harding Street
railroad tracks. MBTA will also issue a license to the Town. A completed application is to be
submitted on line to MBTA, Patricia Barrett. Other good news coming from the offices of
Senator Timilty and Representative Dooley is that the sale of the CSX Worcester to Providence
line did go through and the state Department of Transportation is now the owner. The amount
is $23M. The sale included dissolving the Kraft agreement; a two year moratorium was placed
on the commuter rail line. Mr. DeSorgher was informed that now that the state owns the line,
a top priority is the repair of the Route 109 tracks. Our representatives will aggressively oppose
the rain line from Framingham through Medfield to Foxboro.
June 16, 2015
Page five
Mr. DeSorgher received a resident’s call asking what can be done to stop landscapers from
blowing debris onto the roads. Mr. Sullivan remarked that this is a town bylaw prohibiting
grass and in the winter snow to be deposited on any street in Medfield.
Mr. DeSorgher advised to send letter of interest to neighboring towns regarding the
perambulation of town bounds. He met with the owner of Royal Pizza to converse about the
alcove near his business; Mr. Tragellis would like to expand to the outside construction a door
from the store to outside or put up a glass enclosure.
Selectmen DeSorgher learned that the parking area behind the shops, i.e. pizza, bank, real
estate office is slated to be repaved. The Selectmen would like to receive the list of streets
where the highway will be working. Assistant Park and Recreation Director Kayode Lewis has
resigned effective Friday June 26, 2015; he has been a great asset to the department and we
wish him well. Mr. DeSorgher announced that Elizabeth Mann is retiring after 50 years as a
crossing guard. Her last day is Tuesday June 23; stop by her post on North Street and wish her
well. Norfolk County Sheriff Michael Bellotti answered our request for his department’s
assistance to clean up the roadside litter throughout Medfield.
Selectman DeSorgher announced that Medfield has been designated a Tree City for the 2″d
year. Ms. Trierweiler attended the awards ceremony.

The Selectmen signed the June 16, 2015 vendor warrant.

As there was no further business to come before the Selectman, the meeting adjourned
at 9:10 PM

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