Corrigan family assistance

Dear Medfield Neighbor Brigade,

As many of you have already heard on Sunday, Feb. 22nd Medfield resident, Sean Corrigan, died as a result of a tragic accident. He was a loving husband and father of three beautiful, young children ages 10, 6, and 4. The Corrigan family moved to Medfield from Ireland in the summer of 2013 and quickly established friendships and roots in our community. His loss is devasting to so many. This family is now forced to face the difficult challenge of continuing on without the love and support of Sean.

In times like this we all wish there was something that we could do to help. A fundraising page has been created in the hopes of helping this family to cover the funeral expenses, keeping up with the bills and getting back on their feet. This is a very significant and critical way that we can all support this Medfield family. By donating any amount, large and small, your help will be felt and gratefully appreciated. If you are able to make a donation please click on the following link This is the same fundraising page that was tweeted out by our Superintendent Jeffrey Marsden today as well.

We will also be supporting this family with meals starting next week. Another email will be coming out shortly with this information.

We are all so blessed to live in a community that truly loves and takes care of each other. Thank you for the difference YOU make for others!

Laurie and Kathleen

Laurie Nealon

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