Swap needs help Friday

From Nancy Irwin –

Hi, All,   Many helpers came down to SWAP on Weds., and it was a beautiful day, and much was accomplished.  Most of the rolling carts, most of the covered bins, 6 ski-signs and 3 umbrellas were packed up and went into Winter Storage.  In addition,  MANY boxes were wrapped up and sent to Goodwill and much fabric was sent to Schools and other charity.  WE STILL HAVE LOTS TO DO.   Please come on Friday, and Sat. and Sunday, anytime from 9-4.   Tents will be taken down and sent to storage, most likely large tent on Friday and small tent on Sunday.  Thus, all items need to be removed from tents, much more needs to be wrapped and sent to Goodwill, and shelves need to be decluttered.  If you could bring any cardboard boxes to SWAP, that would be helpful. We also need to trash the display tables, so we need muscles. Of course, new items keep arriving daily, so no telling how much work there really will be. It’s Halloween, so dress appropriately!   See you tomorrow!   Nancy

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