Tesla wins in SJC

Other car dealers had sued Tesla, under a Massachusetts statute designed to prevent car manufacturers from competing against its own brand’s dealerships, to stop Tesla Motors from displaying cars at the Natick Mall, and this afternoon the Supreme Judicial Court said those other dealers did not have the right (legally called “standing”) to try to use that statute to force Tesla to close its showroom.  The language below is from the SJC’s holding –

Conclusion. With a proper understanding of the language, history, and purpose of the statute in mind, we hold that G. L. c. 93B, § 15, does not confer standing on a motor vehicle dealer to maintain an action for violation of G. L. c. 93B, § 4 (c) 24 (10), against a manufacturer with which the dealer is not affiliated. We therefore affirm the Superior Court’s judgment dismissing the plaintiffs’ action for lack of standing.

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