MSH bill amended – $ to DMH

The legislation to purchase the former Medfield State Hospital site (HR 4107) was amended by the Committee that just discharged the bill, to make our purchase monies dedicated to being used by the state for housing for DMH clients.  We do not care what they do with that money – we just want the bill passed before the end of July, so it can be signed by Governor Patrick before he leaves office next January.

The language the committee added is in bold below (the numbers from 71-76 are line numbering in the original).


Any proceeds received by the commonwealth pursuant to
71 this section, section 3, section 7 or section 8 shall be deposited into the Health and Human
72 Services Capital Projects Trust Fund established pursuant to section 2LLLL of chapter 29 of the
73 General Laws; provided, however, that the proceeds shall be specifically dedicated to and
74 appropriated for the acquisition, construction, or improvement of community-based housing
75 facilities for individuals receiving services, or eligible to receive services, from the department of
76 mental health.

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