On being a selectman

Long talk with Mike this AM to get the agenda straight for the Tuesday meeting and to catch up on things.

  • selectmen will discuss their goals for next year on Tuesday.
  • New ‘N Towne’s Touch a Truck event tomorrow will be at the DPW salt shed if it rains.
  • Clark Tavern decision is still being written by the ZBA – Mike said that the Linnerts’ petition was approved, but that there were about 45 conditions.
  • I related Gill Rodgers’ idea shared with me that the master planning for the Medfield State Hospital site should include all contiguous town owned lands, which would include Lot 3 on Ice House Road and the Hinkley land next to The Center.
  • Council on Aging has responded to complaints it violated the Open Meeting Law.
  • Economic Development Committee meets June 5 to look at creating an RFP for recreational uses at Lot 3 on Ice House Road.  The EDC apparently decided not to consider other non-recreational uses, even if they earned the town more return.
  • I met last night with Bob Herbstzuber, Russ Hallisey, and Bob Via to discuss Bob Herbstzuber’s push system to easily share community information.  Bob built a platform to share information at Boston College, where he works, and has already implemented a beta site in Milford.  Lots of potential – stay tuned.

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