Selectmen established goals

The Board of Selectmen has worked thorough suggested goals penned for the board from each selectman, and selectman Richard DeSorgher kindly edited our three sets of goals into the following composite, which the Board of Selectmen has now agreed will be our formal goals this year.  Mike Sullivan will next draft his goals, in response to these mandates to him from the Board of Selectmen.

I.  Improved Communications
·    Collegial and supportive atmosphere for all volunteer committees and boards and their work recognized. Meet with each board and committee annually to share purposes and goals.
·    Supportive and positive atmosphere with the Boards interaction with town hall staff and Superintendent of Schools and all department heads and employees.
·    Institute improved government transparency and reporting to town residents on town government matters and information and explore ways to make visits to town hall by residents more user friendly.
·    Develop joint cooperation between all town boards and committees including the school department and work to combine technology, energy efficiency and building maintenance under one leadership position that can be shared by all departments.
·    Identify areas of regionalization of services with neighboring towns, including meetings and contact with area towns in attempt to solve joint problems
·    Improve communications with our state and federal representatives and work with their staffs to help Medfield with grants and other assistance
·    Improve the operation and updating of the town’s web site.

II. Provide direction and leadership to the State Hospital Advisory Committee and work in partnership with the Committee and the Commonwealth in the development of the former Medfield State Hospital site.

III. Long-range planning
·    five year planning from department heads and committee chairmen, using the Water & Sewer long-range plan and Pavement Management Plan as examples
·    updating of town by-laws, especially concerning future development at the former Medfield State Hospital.
·    strategy for maintenance and renovations of all town buildings, including support, direction and leadership to the Permanent Building Committee
·    planning for developing Medfield into a Green Community including usage of solar power and improved recycling ideas.

IV. Ensure that the town continues to provide a high quality of education to its children and provides a high quality of municipal services to its citizens in the most cost-effective manner possible.
·    analysis of overtime use
·    create a three-year financial forecast of the town, working especially with the warrant committee and the school committee
·    examine opportunities for additional revenue streams
·    work with the Economic Development Committee on ways to bring tax relief
explore areas of tax relief for senior citizens who own their own homes

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