SHUC met Wed

The State Hospital Use Committee (SHUC) on Wednesday evening created three subcommittees to address issues that it needs to explore to respond to the DCAMM offer to sell the Medfield State Hospital site to the town –

  1.               Legislative Relations
  2.               Building Assessment
  3.               Visioning Process

Additionally, the Board of Selectmen appointed a five member committee to meet with DCAMM to work through the potential purchase terms, such as the price and other details, for the town to buy the Medfield State Hospital site.  DCAMM has stated that (1) it seeks a partnership with Town of Medfield over the Medfield State Hospital site’s redevelopment, and (2) that it will seek to recoup some of the monies it has as sunk costs into the site in determining the sale price to the town.  Those appointed were:

  1. Steve Nolan
  2. Bill Massaro
  3. John Harney
  4. Ken Richard
  5. Osler Peterson

Meeting dates are being explored in mid-June to start the discussions with DCAMM.

Long day for this attendee, as that day started with a 7-9AM Building Committee meeting at the town house and ended with the 7-9PM SHUC meeting.

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