2013 Warrant Committee has been constituted

From the Moderator –

Scott F. McDermott
Town Moderator

December 20, 2012

Re: 2013 Warrant Committee
Gregory Sullivan of 73 South Street [term expires 2013]
Michael T. Marcucci of 3 Causeway [term expires 2013]
Martha Festa of 16 Quail Run [term expires 2013]

James O’Shaughnessy of 21 Indian Hill Road [term expires 2014]
Maryalice Whalen of 260 South Street [term expires 2014]
Joanna Hilvert of 14 Pueblo Road [term expires 2014]

Gustave H. Murby of 122 Harding Street [term expires 2015]
Nikolaos Athanasiadis of 30 Quarry Road [term expires 2015]
Thomas C. Marie of 72 Pine Street [term expires 2015]

Changes from FY 2012

David Fischer of 22 Stagecoach road Term Expired 2012
Catherine Steever of 7 Acorn Circle Term Expired 2012
Thomas J. Schlesinger of 7 Country Way Resigned [term expired 2013]
Edward P. Doherty of 17 Belknap Road Resigned [term expired 2013]

Profiles of 2013 Warrant Committee Appointees

Nikolaos Athanasiadis lives at 30 Quarry Road with his wife Reka. Nick and Reka have lived in Medfield since 1995, first living on Tubwreck Drive before building their current home 2 years ago. They have three children ages 21, 14, and 12. Nick has degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Brandies University. Nick is a Software Engineer for Akamai Technologies and is an academic tutor and owner of the Math Connection. Nick was a candidate for Selectman in 2012.

Martha Festa lives at 16 Quail Run with her husband Michael. Martha and Mike moved to Medfield in 1990 and they have three children ages 24, 21 and 19 who were educated in the Medfield Public Schools. Martha holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from UMass Amherst, an MBA from Babson College, and has 18 years work experience in industry as a Process Research Engineer, Financial Analyst, Quality Control Manager, Project Manager and Operations Manager at Bayer Diagnostics in Medfield. Martha has extensive volunteer experience with our schools as CSA Treasurer at Dale Street and Blake, Co-President of the Boosters at MHS, and she has worked with programs such as Medfield Neighbor Brigade, St. Edwards Haley House Ministry, fundraising for the Officer McCarthy Children’s Fund, Medfield Turf Project, Warrior Golf Tournament, and recently becoming involved with the Angel Run. Martha has been a member of three Principal Search Committee’s, acting as Co-Chair in 2011.

Michael Marcucci lives at 3 Causeway Street with his wife Emily. He was born and raised in Hamden, CT, and attended Harvard where he met Emily, who grew up in Wellesley. Michael attended Boston College Law School. Michael is a partner in the Boston office of the law firm JonesDay with expertise in business, tort, and securities litigation. Before moving to Medfield in January 2008, Michael and Emily lived in West Roxbury. They have seven children ranging from a 6th grader at Montrose, a 3rd grader at Wheelock, a first-grader and kindergartner at Memorial School, a pre-schooler at Woodside Montessori, and 2 year old twin boys at home. Michael has coached youth sports and his kids have been involved in Girl Scouts, summer swim team, and a great variety of sporting activities. Michael is a trustee of the Montrose School.

Thomas C. Marie lives at 72 Pine Street with his wife Barbara. Tom and Barbara have four boys ages 17, 15, 12 and 10 – all in the Medfield Public Schools. Tom is a graduate of Stonehill College and he is the President and Owner Doublestone Associates. Tom founded Doublestone 11 years ago as a sales agency for manufactured products. Prior to that, Tom was Director of Sales at Tompkins Industries for 10 years. Tom has provided dedicated service to youth in our community as a sports coach and advisor. He is also active at St. Edwards Parish and with his alma mater, Stonehill College.

Appointments to the Medfield Warrant Committee

Under Section 2.9 of the Medfield Town Charter, the Moderator has the duty and privilege of appointing nine members to the Warrant Committee. The Warrant Committee recommends the annual town budget for vote by the town meeting and fulfills all the duties of a finance committee as stipulated in the Massachusetts general laws. Medfield’s Warrant Committee has a proud and dedicated heritage of service to Medfield through collaborative deliberation, dialogue, study, experience and insight. The following is a list of Warrant Committee members appointed or re-appointed in my first ten (10) terms as Medfield’s Moderator. I thank all of them for their great commitment.

Joanne Bragg
Stephen S. Curran
Edward P. Doherty
David Fischer
Mark Fisher
Richard E. Gordet
Diane Hallisey
Joanna Hilvert
William Johnson
Robert Morrill
Debbie Mozer
Gustave H. Murby
Stephen Pelosi
Randy Rogers
Victoria Schepps
Thomas J. Schlesinger
James O’Shaughnessy
James Shannon
Caroline Standley
Catherine Steever
Gregory Sullivan
Maryalice Whalen
Mary Wilson

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