Lowell Mason Card

I picked up my Lowell Mason Card from Rick Abecunas Saturday at the Dwight-Derby House Holiday Fair.  Looks like a win win set of discounts that will more than pay me back for having purchased the card, as well as contributing needed monies to the effort to preserve the house.  Rick has created a great fund raising and awareness tool for the Lowell Mason House.  I shared with him that I would have personally participated as an attorney, but had been advised of potential ethical issues when I had asked regulators about a similar promotion years ago.  Get a Lowell Mason Card or information from Rick at thelowellmasoncard@yahoo.com or 508-785-5369.

I also bought some note cards made from a watercolor of the Dwight-Derby House, to support their work, and was delighted to learn after my purchase that the art work was done by Dwight-Derby House restoration champion, Cheryl O’Malley.

My final stop was to buy some books from the sale at the library from Sue Wilson to support the Friends of the Medfield Memorial Library.

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