BCRT meeting last night

The Bay Colony Rail Trail committee met last night, and I attended most of the meeting, until I excused myself to attend the continued ZBA hearing on the Gatehouse 40B on West Street.  These were the highlights that I heard =

  • The state budget has $250,000 for the Bay Colony Rail Trail included, presumably inserted by Rep. Garlick. There was discussion on how that money would be accessed.
  • A substantial anonymous donation has also been made to the BCRT.
  • The cost to build the BCRT will run between $600,000 to $1.5 m., depending on the surface used.
  • The iron available for salvage has a value of about $400,000.
  • The committee plans a warrant article for the ATM in 2013.
  • It was reported that the BCRT discussions were contentious at the Dover ATM, with some not wanting to even rebuild the bridge over the Charles River to Needham, so people could not get into Dover from Needham.  However, Dover’s strategic planning questionnaire demonstrated strong overwhelming town support for the BCRT if it does not cost the town any money.

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