Gatehouse response to town – my #2

OK, yesterday afternoon my review of the submission to the ZBA on behalf of Gatehouse got interrupted by a call from Kristen needing a ride.  This morning I finished reviewing what was submitted, and I can tell you that it is actually 57 pages, when one includes the attached materials.  Attached are Phase I and II reports by the LSP’s hired by Gatehouse to evaluate the site for hazardous materials.  To this uneducated person, the reports say that the site is essentially clean, except for possible spill over from spills at adjoining sites.

I have become accustomed to the format of this report, as it is the same essential method used by the state’s consultants in the Medfield State Hospital clean up, where they issue a report, the town comments upon that report, and the report author then either adjusts their report or, more likely, justifies their original plan.  I look forward to the town consultants’ responses to what has been put forward for Gatehouse.

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