On being a selectman

Jim James and I have been discussing the space needs for his Park Street Books for months now, as he needed more space.  I made suggestions about possible other spaces in town that he might consider.  In reality, I think Jim knew the possible spaces better than I, except that I could include what I would think of as nontraditional spaces, such as the Montrose School’s Cushman House and the Clark Tavern – although Jim had already asked about the Cushman House years ago.  The Clark Tavern might be usable by a business under the town zoning provision that allows the ZBA to permit almost any use it likes that seeks to occupy a historic property.

Last Sunday Jim sought me out again about his space decision, so I checked out the size of one possibility, and he and I again talked through the Medfield options.  At the time, Jim was weighing space that he really, really liked in Millis.  Then, earlier this week Jim called to let me know that he had opted to stay in Medfield, and had signed to lease more space in his building.  He said it was mainly because of the connections that he felt with the people in Medfield.  He even cited a recent appreciative note he had received from a young girl.  So, congratulations Medfield on making one of our town’s best retailers feel so comfortable here amongst us!  Medfield is indeed fortunate to have Jim and his Park Street Books!  Jim says his store will be the third larger children’s bookstore in the country (NB – it would have become the largest if he had moved to Millis).

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