Recycling % is up

Mike Sullivan’s email to the Solid Waste Committee last week reported that recycling was up.  He attached a detailed spreadsheet.


The updated recycling information, including April tonnange and May credit is attached. Looks like recycling rate has jumped to 26% to 27% recently from around 22% to 23%. Hope the trend continues.  Mike


DEP tells me that the only real way to maximize recycling is to implement pay as you throw (PAYT).  The DEP website on PAYT  (  lists Wrentham as being over 30% recycling rates on PAYT, Duxbury looks to have cut its solid waste budget by more than 50% by using PAYT (saving a couple hundred thousand dollars a year), and Needham trash dropped 50% when it went with PAYT.  We have implemented single stream and seen an uptick in recycling, but Duxbury too implemented single stream, and its graph showed modest effects from single stream, but a dramatic drop when PAYT was started.

I think the lessons are clear, that if we want to save the town the most money and to recycle the most, we really need to start PAYT.  The problem is that no one really likes PAYT, but even if we do not like PAYT we should really like the results we can get from using it, both is saving money and in doing our part to save the planet.

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