MSH feasibility study starting

DCAM’s Joe Ruhl kindly called me this afternoon to let me know that DCAM is about to proceed with its feasibility study, during which local realtors will be getting calls.  I asked Joe to please follow up on the promise that was made earlier to me personally by Dana Herrell of DCAM, to give Medfield a place at the table in that feasibility study.

I also mentioned to Joe my disappointment that DCAM and Medfield no longer seemed to be working collaboratively on the Medfield State Hospital project.  I mentioned that the Board of Selectmen had vote at our last meeting to retain legal counsel to lay out Medfield’s options in light of our disagreement with the DCAM’s cap and cover clean up proposal.  I suggested that mediation, or our merely talking to each other, might be a much better way to see if we could agree to resolve our different opinions on the best clean up of the Medfield State Hospital C & D site.

Finally, I asked Joe if I was right that our two different clean up solutions cost about $4.1 m. versus $5 m., and I opined that if those numbers were right, that we should somehow be able to bridge such a gap.

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