Electronix Redux Corp.’s Press Release on its First Collection Day

Town of Medfield Transfer Station E-waste Results – August 6th, 2011

The launch of the new e-waste recycling program at the Town of Medfield Transfer Station on August 6th was an undeniable success.  Medfield is a little “greener” this month, thanks to the cooperation of Medfield residents, the Medfield Transfer Station, and Electronix Redux Corp.  Over 100 town residents assisted the Electronix Redux team in recycling almost 4 tons of electronic waste without a hitch.  Residents flowed efficiently through the e-waste drop-off station as they handed off old televisions, computers, cell phones, and other expired electronics throughout the day, filling the company’s 18 foot box truck to its limit.  Electronic waste or “e-waste” as it is sometimes called can contain harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury.    It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that these items are handled properly and in as safe a manner as possible and the Town of Medfield is certainly doing its part.  The team would like to thank everyone that came out to make the first event such a success, and looks forward to next month’s e-waste collection day on September 3rd.

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