Swap Area Update

1.  Items now have to be dropped off before 2:00 PM.

2.  The ad hoc monitors had the swap area totally cleaned up at its close this past Saturday, so that the Transfer Station operators had much less to do in terms of picking up and tossing left over items.  There were still three bins of former swap areas items that the ad hoc monitors had loaded into the bins, and the operators  needed to haul those away on the front of their front loader.  However, it was reported that in the past there were as many as six full bins of former swap area items that then had to get picked up and bumped at the end of the swap time.  The ad hoc monitors had first segrated the swap area items during the day into categories, second sorted out the cardboards and other items to recycle so that less gets dumped, and third had picked up the swap area site themselves at the end of the day.

3.  Anyone interested in being considered to be on the Swap Area Subcommittee of the solid waste committee should let the Board of Selectmen know of his/her interest by our 8/2/111 meeting, as that is when we indicated that we would make appointments.

4.  Electronic recycling will now occur regularly on the first Saturday of every month at the Transfer Station, with a charge levied.  The same Norfolk vendor Steve Catanese got to come to Medfield Green Day will be running the monthly service.

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