Board of Selectmen – draft minutes for 5/17/11

Meeting Minutes
May 17,2011
Chenery Meeting Room draft
PRESENT: Selectmen Osler L. Peterson, Ann B. Thompson, Mark L. Fisher; Town Administrator
Michael Sullivan; Assistant Town Administrator Kristine Trierweiler; Administrative Assistant
Evelyn Clarke
Chairman Peterson called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
Ms. Colivas reported to the Selectmen that the June 2009 Annual Town Meeting voted to
appropriate $400,000 to make repairs to the flotation thickeners at the Wastewater Treatment
Plant. This project qualified to be financed through DEP and the MASS Water Pollution
Abatement Trust. However, the Trust at this time cannot give us a date on the first debt service
payment. As the Town has spent about $6500 to date on the project and will continue to spend
in order to complete the project, the Town is able with the cooperation of the Trust receive an
interim loan. The $400,000 loan will bear an interest rate of .24% per annum. Principal and
interest will be payable upon the closing ofthe permanent loan. Ms. Colivas went on to say that
the documents she has that require the Board’s signatures have been reviewed by the Town’s
bonding legal counsel. She is requesting a vote of the Board to approve the issuance ofthe
notes and bonds. On a motion made by Selectman Thompson, seconded by Selectman Fisher it
VOTED unanimously to approve and execute related closing documents for the issuance of
bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $400,000 pursuant to Chapters 29C
and 44 of MASS General Laws and as a vote of the Town in June 2009 authorized a total
borrowing of $400,000 for construction of flotation thickeners and other water pollution
control facilities at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and in anticipation of the issuance of
the Bonds, the Treasurer is hereby authorized to issue an interim loan note not to exceed
$400,000 at .24%.
Richard DeSorgher remarked to the Board that he and his guest Myron McLane are here to
discuss the donation and a proposed location to display an anvil used in the Blacksmith Shop.
Robert McCarthy, a blacksmith and grandfather to Bill Kelly of Lord’s Department Store owned
the building and operated the business. Mr. McLane served as an apprentice farrier beginning
in 1967 for about eight years. He went on to have his own shop that he continues to operate in
Mansfield. Mr. McLane had a very high regard for Mr. McCarthy and not only learned how to
blacksmith but many life lessons that guided him through the years. He has an anvil that was
given to him by McCarthy and Mr. McLane would very much like to donate it to Medfield and
hopes that the Selectmen will agree to a plan he has in mind to setup sort of a memorial to Mr.
McCarthy. The anvil would be positioned near the location of the shop, which is where the
Janes Avenue parking lot was constructed after the demolition of the blacksmith’s building.
May 17,2011
Page two
He would like to see a plaque placed in the front so that people could read a bit of history and
why this memorial was erected. Mr. McLane offered that he is willing to pay for all costs
involved. Mr. Sullivan said that it would be a very generous tribute to McCarthy who was very
gracious to work with at the time the sale of his building was negotiated. He said that
Superintendent Feeney has offered the highway departments help in any way with the project.
Sullivan said that the Selectmen need to vote authorizing to proceed with the project.
VOTED unanimously to accept the anvil on behalf of the Town of Medfield as a gift
Town Clerk Carol Mayer reported to the Board that there is no change in precinct lines or
boundaries; it remains the same. A vote of the Selectmen is necessary for certification. On a
motion made by Selectman Thompson, seconded by Selectman Fisher it was
VOTED unanimously to accept as presented by the Town Clerk, the 2011
Re-Precincting Plan for the Town of Medfield
Selectman Peterson requested an amendment to the April 25th minutes; adding the words
“both the substance”. On a motion made and seconded it was
VOTED unanimously to accept the April 25, 2011 minutes as amended and to
Approve the minutes of May 3, 2011
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Relay For Life pUblicity Chair to place signs
for two weeks promoting the annual event that will take place June 10-11 in Medway
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the Medfield Garden Club to put up signs
Advertising their annual Plant Sale on Saturday May 22, 2011
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary
to sell poppies during the Memorial Day Parade, May 30,2011
VOTED to grant New In Towne a one-day wine and beer permit for June 6,2011
Event to be held at the CENTER
VOTED unanimously to grant permission to Medfield Youth Soccer organization to post
Signs announcing registration for the fall 3 v 3 tournament on Sunday October 16, 2011
May 17, 2011
Page three
VOTED to grant permission to MEMO to place signs advertising annual Medfield History Day
On Saturday June 11, 2011
Selectman Thompson abstained from the vote as a member of MEMO
As Selectman Fisher was absent from the May 3 meeting where resident Joe Collins requested
that the Selectmen reconsider their position not to replace mailboxes damaged by snowplows,
Selectmen Peterson and Thompson agreed to discuss the issue at the May 17 meeting. Mrs.
Thompson proposes that Town Meeting decide. Mr. Peterson queried if a survey could be put
on the website for residents to give their opinion. Ms. Trierweiler said that surveys could be
done. Mr. Fisher remarked that during these difficult financial constraints for the Town, a
survey would get a sense of how the townspeople feel about the situation and the replacement
cost. Mr. Collins said that he agrees survey comments would be helpful. Ms. Trierweiler was
advised to set up the survey on the Town’s website.
Chairman Peterson announced that the newly appointed DCAM Commissioner Carole
Corneilson has accepted our invitation to attend our meeting on Tuesday June 7. As an arrival
time of 7:30 PM was suggested to her it should allow the Selectmen to take care of business
items before and then devote the meeting to the Commissioner. Mrs. Thompson queried how
we will conduct the meeting. Mr. Sullivan suggested that perhaps individuals could write their
questions on cards and get them here before the meeting so that the Commissioner has an idea
of where to begin. Kristine will talk with Marybeth Clancy for her input.
John Thompson, Chairman of SHERC remarked to the Board that the comments on the Interim
Phase II Report focuses on gaps that his Committee feels warrant explanations. He said that
they are concerned with several areas, the VOC plume, C&D area and we want to make sure
the public water supply is protected. Oil sheen was observed in the Charles River where none
was expected. This water leads into our aquifer so it is a major concern. We want to know
more about the VOC’s discovered to identify the nature of those chemicals and where they are
coming from. VOC can travel in underground utilities like storm drains and maybe these pipes
came from the laundry and boiler and headed into the river. More sampling and testing needs
to be performed to show the extent ofthe contamination. DCAM has worked hard on the
salvage yard to bring it to closure; however, they need to react in a timely fashion when new
parts are discovered. Mr. Thompson was asked his opinion on DCAM’s work so far and the
length of time he feels the cleanup would take. He responded that he feels DCAM will properly
do the work but feels it could take more than five years. However, he said that he thinks it will
not affect the development area. Ms. Trierweiler remarked that recently it was discovered that
a breakin had occurred in the Chapel building to which John Thompson said that is an alarming
situation. We have to caution people, particularly kids to stay away from the buildings as they
May 17,2011
Page four
are not safe. The Selectmen VOTED unanimously to sign the May 17 letter and send to DCAM
with the summary of comments on the Interim Phase /I Report.
It was announced that the PIP meeting is posted for Thursday May 26,2011, 7:30 PM in Town
Hall, second floor. Also announced, the Release Abatement Measure Status Report, Salvage
Yard, is available at the Medfield Library.
Mrs. Thompson attended a Lions Club meeting and listened to the owner of Blue Moon Cafe
describe how his business got started; the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast was a good success;
attended the MEMO monthly meeting held at Glen Ellen. She said that she has received
comments about how much the Board of Selectmen may disagree with each other while
remaining civil. She said that she has always felt that it is good to agree to disagree.
Mr. Fisher remarked that as he was out of town attending his son’s college graduation, he has
no report.
Mr. Peterson remarked that the Council on Aging Volunteer recognition event was ~njoyable
and very well put together. Mr. Peterson commented on a proposed COA Caregivers Program
that COA Director Roberta Lynch discussed with him. He is of the opinion that this is very
worthwhile to have in Medfield. A fee of $27.00 for a 9-3 day would cover some of the costs.
Mrs. Thompson agrees as she has had some insight to just the number of people who are
caregivers and really need assistance. Mr. Sullivan mentioned that there are state
requirements to be met and he has concerns that we may bite off more than we can chew.
The Selectmen agree that Ms. Lynch should move forward with a plan for the scope of the
project to present to the Board.
Mr. Sullivan said that the Town has received notice from the Attorney General’s Office that
Warrant Articles 23 and 29 have their approval.
He reminded the listening audience to vote on Monday May 23 at the CENTER 6AM to 8PM.
On a motion made by Selectman Thompson, seconded by Selectman Fisher the Board voted to
adjourn the meeting at 8:50 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Clarke

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