High water/sewer bills

The water and sewer bills that came out two weeks ago got a lot of comment for being high.  Mike Sullivan tells me that the sticker shock resulted from the fact that the Water and Sewer Board had not raised rates for four years, and decided that they needed to raise rates 15%, combined with a dry summer that resulted in more outside watering.  Mike suggested comparing your usage to the prior years to see if you had used more water.  The rates per gallon of water used increase as usage increases, in an attempt to discourage excessive usage.

The Massachusetts DEP in its water withdrawal permits has been seeking to implement a maximum withdrawal of 65 gallons per person per day in the state, and Medfield is currently using about 90 gallons per person per day.  The DEP’s proposed system would require the town to police the usage, under threats of state sanctions if the town could not bring water usage down to the 65 gallons per person per day.  This level of water usage would effectively prohibit outdoor watering, given the current indoor water usage of residents.

The DEP effort to implement this new requirement was blocked in the water withdrawal permits the town received last year, but it is probably only a matter of time before the DEP does get them in place.

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