Weekly Political Report – Week Ending October 15, 2010

Week Ending October 15, 2010


A poll released on Wednesday by Suffolk University and 7 News shows Gov. Patrick with a 46-39 advantage over Republican Candidate Charlie Baker. The poll, which surveyed 500 likely voters and carries a 4.4 percent margin of error, showed Independent Tim Cahill with 10 percent of the vote and 1 percent for Green Rainbow candidate Jill Stein.  Four percent of those polled were undecided.  The poll showed Patrick with a slightly more comfortable lead while Tim Cahill remained in a distant third place. On Thursday, Baker released his own internal poll which had leading Patrick by 7 points. Baker’s poll of 800 likely general election voters was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies from October 10th-12th and had a margin of error of 3.5%. Neither poll reflected any bump that might have occurred after former Attorney General Tom Reilly, the former Democratic candidate for Governor who lost the primary in 2006 to Governor Patrick, endorsed Charles Baker’s campaign on Thursday, saying Baker was the right man for the job.


Reverberations from Treasurer Tim Cahill’s lawsuit against former senior strategists continued this week. Cahill filed his lawsuit last week after the resignation of John Weaver, a senior strategist on the Cahill Campaign, and the subsequent resignation of Cahill campaign manager Adam Meldrum and political director John Yob. Cahill alleges that these senior staff members collaborated to give confidential campaign materials and strategy to his opponents.  The three senior strategists gave sworn statements in Norfolk Superior Court on Thursday that they did not share internal campaign information with the Republican Governors Association and the Baker campaign. Instead, according to their lawyer, Cahill’s lawsuit was an attempt to prevent the three from speaking out against improper coordination between Cahill’s campaign and the Lottery Office, which Cahill oversaw as Treasurer. Attorney General Martha Coakley announced on Thursday that she would open an investigation into whether taxpayer money was used to fund the lottery advertisements in support of Treasurer Cahill’s campaign. In keeping with Coakley’s request, Cahill agreed to stop running the ads during the investigation.


Following the House and Senate’s passage of a $420 million supplemental budget last week, the Legislature sent the spending bill to Governor Patrick on Tuesday. The spending bill will fund $203 million in Medicaid costs to cover services for the elderly and disabled, the Department of Corrections at $21 million and help shore up the State Police account with an additional $5 million. Nearly $200 million will be set aside for the state’s rainy day fund.

Republicans had held up action on the bill in the Senate but backed down after the inclusion of two amendments that will require Governor Patrick’s administration to disclose additional budget details about state spending needs.  The Governor, who has 10 days to sign, amend or veto any portion of the bill, has indicated that he will send at least one portion of the bill back to the Legislature with an amendment. The portion in question deals with how quickly ambulance companies will receive reimbursement for services.



John Nunnari, Assoc AIA

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