Canoe launch at MSH

20150920_MSH canoe launch

The state built a canoe launch as part of the restoration and remediation of the C&D area (read former MSH dump) at the former MSH site.  C&D stands for the  construction and demolition debris the former state hospital dumped into the wetlands at the river’s edge.

It is a really pretty spot along the Charles, constructed out of granite blocks, at the end of a path from the parking area.  The former dump materials are now a mound, forming an overlook of the river, but stored above the water table in order to protect against the dump materials from leaching into and polluting Medfield’s ground water.

DCAMM has crafted both a safe and a beautiful solution to one hundred plus years of the state dumping its trash in the river, a solution that will add to the value and interest of the town and the area.  This win win solution came at the end of a mediation process that extended over a year’s time, lead on the town side by John Thompson and Bill Massaro.

20150920_MSH canoe launch-2

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