Cultural/arts center proposal for MSH

Lee Chapel at msh

At the Medfield State Hospital Master Planning Committee meeting last night, Douglas Brown of BDVW Architects from Providence presented his analysis of the potential for using the Lee Chapel and the adjoining Infirmary building as a cultural arts center.  Mr. Brown indicated that those two buildings were in good condition.  His plan has them being connected by a glass addition, which would become the entry way and also house the rest rooms.   The written report is available via the link that follows.

20170406-DBVW Architrects-1624_Existing-Conditions-Report_17-0403-Email(1)

An earlier economic analysis found that such a proposal was generally close to being economically self-sustaining.  Also, most of the construction costs appeared to be covered by selling the naming rights and fund raising.

One of the most intriguing suggestions was to have the new arts/cultural center be melded into and run as part of the Medfield Park & Recreation Commission, so that the town would have a Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission.  The Medfield Park & Recreation Commission members present last night wanted to get the results of their new building feasibility study this June before they consider any such change.

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  1. Thanks Pete! To clarify, the architectural firm is DBVW – Durkee, Brown, Vivieros and Werenfels. If you can, it’d be helpful to post the market analysis and the proformas by ArtsMarket which also identify several other components of a financing package beyond fundraising and sponsorships – as with any development – which included DIF or TIF financing, potential solar and historic tax credits, etc. ArtsMarket put together a thought-provoking plan that also deserves discussion and consideration in the complex master planning process because it could benefit the town significantly with the overall development, not just with this proposed piece.

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  2. Pete,
    To further clarify, the comment that Park and Recreation Director, Kevin Ryder made about waiting for our needs and feasibility study to be completed had nothing to do with the Commission considering the restructuring of Park and Rec to include Arts and Culture. Louise Stevens presented that proposal to the Commission last Fall. We made it quite clear that we have no interest in restructuring the department. The Commission’s focus is the construction of a multi-use indoor athletic facility that will address current and future recreational needs of the community.


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