Snowmagedon status in Medfield

And on the 40th day of the snows of 2015, the DPW workers took time off to sleep, and the town ran out of salt.

Mike Sullivan called this afternoon with a town status update, and the bad news is that the town has run out of salt.  Mike says that our regular supplier just has not filled our order, and that our alternate supplier does not have available trucks to make a delivery to us.

Expect snowy roads for a while, and slow down.

3 responses to “Snowmagedon status in Medfield

  1. Why don’t we send a dump truck to the alternate supplier and pick some up?


    • Selectman Osler "Pete" Peterson

      I suggested that very thing to Mike, naming the truck the town has that it uses to haul trash to Wheelabrator in Millbury, and he indicated that we would not be able to get there. I did not understand why not, but in the flow of the conversation I did not press him on it. He may have been thinking about and referring to the general driving being bad – not sure.